6 Surefire Abandoned Cart Tips for eCommerce Marketers

Abandoned Cart Tips

Whenever an eCommerce store comes across an abandoned cart, it highly demotivates the sellers. Most of the sellers want to make the better use of web store by making higher sales on their products. In this effort it might be possible that may some of the customers might not feel the same for the sellers and abandon the cart but if the rate of abandoned cart increases up to a certain amount then it is matter of concern for both the web store and the sellers. The situation demands immediate actions and proper measures to tackle the problem.

The web stores need to follow such customers in order to know the exact reasons and to make the services better for other customers. In this effort the web store can use the Magento Abandoned Cart module to track down the customers with abandoned cart. The problem of abandoned cart doesn’t only concerns the seller regarding a particular customer but also helps in determining the general pattern followed by the customer which leads them to abandon the cart. In a survey it was found that the rate of abandoned cart is about 70%. Therefore, precautionary measures are required to be taken.

The web stores can always use various methods in order to reduce the number of abandoned cart but the requirement of feasible options is an important criteria. The options must help in reducing the abandoned cart  and at the same time providing the customers with better options so that they may shop with ease in the near future. It will help the web stores in understanding the customers more appropriately and tackle with the problem by getting on the same page as the customers are.

Let us discuss some of the surefire abandoned cart tips.

1. Segmented Email Marketing

Segmented Email Marketing

Emails have been found to have a success rate of 12%. Though they may seem an obsolete form of marketing but still today they have the highest rate of response. The web stores can make the better use of the Email strategy to reduce abandoned cart. It will be a better idea to collect the Email id of the customers before the purchase as after they have abandoned the cart it becomes really difficult to track them back. The web stores can also use the abandoned cart Emails as soon as they abandon the cart It helps the web store to reach out to the customers and help them recover their abandoned cart.

2. Use the discounts timely

Discount Coupon

The eCommerce store owners must make the timely use of the discounts. Most of the customers will abandon a cart only after they find the product missing some kind of discount on the products. Thus the web store can always come with timely discounts on the products such that the customers may feel good about making a purchase. Even if the customer has abandon the cart then the web store can reach out to them with the updated price of the products. With a fall in the price of the product the customers are more likely to make a purchase on the product.

3. Prevent an out of stock crisis

Sold Out

The reason for the cart abandonment may be the shortage of the products with the seller. Therefore, the web store must make a serious note on the number of products that are available with the seller. As, the web store has sufficient number of products therefore the chance of cart abandonment due to the shortage of the products is reduced. With the sufficient number of the products available with the store the chances of customers receiving the product without having to wait is more convenient.

4. Shipping assistance

Shipping Assistance

A recent study shows that the actual rate of abandonment of the cart due to No shipping assistance is about 20%. Therefore, the web store must make proper arrangements in order to provide the delivery of the products to the customers. The assurance of a safe and timely delivery assures the customers about the web store services and they are less likely to abandon their carts in that case. Moreover, if the web store can provide free delivery to the customers in certain cases then the customers are very less likely to abandon the carts due to shipping assistance.

5. Exit pop ups

Interactive Popup

Suppose a customer decides to abandon the cart then the web stress can come up with creative ideas to stop the customer from abandoning the cart. One of the better idea is to use the exit pop ups. Pop ups like Spin and win assure the customers with the special offers and prizes that are been given by the web store to the customers for the specific period of time. The creativity and the luring offers on the pop us are sure to make the customers complete their purchase and make a better purchase.

6. Make them shop


How about the web store doesn’t give a chance to the customers to abandon the cart? The web stores can make the products and the website too interacting that the customers feels like to shop from the web store. For starters the web store can provide timely gift vouchers to customers on making a purchase for particular amount. The abandoned cart mostly arises due to lack of the features provided by the web store. The inclusion of various features such as Social login, one page checkout and freebies will motivate the customers to keep shopping. Therefore, the web store must be open to all possibilities when it comes to reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Over to You

The abandoned cart is a serious issue for the sellers and the web store. In order to keep the number under check, various strategies needs to be performed as they lead the web stores to lose a healthy amount of revenue that could be collected. Thus, making sure the web store check outs are optimized to gain maximum conversions.

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