Entice your E- commerce Customers with this Prestashop Scratch Coupon Module

Online customers are always eager to hear about new exciting deals to satisfy their shopping craze. They are always looking for excellent shopping schemes to splurge their money and to go on a shopping spree. But, often they are not able to satiate their fondness for shopping due to unexciting shopping offers and deals. But, with this Prestashop Scratch Coupon, business organizations can easily attract shopaholics towards their e- commerce store to increase their conversion rates. Some of the excellent features of this scratch coupon module that has made it a huge worldwide rage among the numerous e- commerce organizations are as follows:

Wonderful feature rich admin panel-

The scratch coupon module provides great power to the site admin regarding the overall appearance of your site. With the great features of the scratch coupon, site admin can make necessary changes in the design, content and layout of their web page. The scratch coupon provides great control to the site admin who can decide how their website needs to appear to their targeted customers.

Easy installation and configuration facility-

The customers do not require the assistance of any external help while installing this scratch coupon module on their site. It can be easily installed through administration area or can be installed automatically by using the hosted directory of the Prestashop. Further, the scratch coupon module can be installed manually through FTP or can also be uploaded from the server site.

Effective targeting of the mobile customers-

The scratch coupon module is specifically designed to target the mobile based customers as more and more people are doing online shopping through mobile devices. The scratch coupon module has a responsive design that makes it ideal to be used on multiple platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile phones and tablets. This Prestashop Scratch Coupon Addon is truly made for mobile customers.

Support for multiple languages-

The developers have tried to increase the global appeal and usability of the scratch coupon module by providing support to multiple languages. With this feature of the scratch coupon module, more and more people belonging to different geographical areas and linguistic regions can use this Prestashop scratch coupon module to increase the conversion rates of their e- commerce store. The scratch coupon module is made for a wide range of global audience that speaks multiple languages.

Helps in improving conversion rates-

By providing attractive scratch coupons to your targeted customers, business organizations can easily increase chances of business growth. With these scratch coupons, e- commerce organizations can encourage their customers to complete their pending shopping orders and can increase their product sales and conversion rates.

So, explore the rich features of this Scratch Coupon Prestashop Addon and improve your business growth drastically among your rivals. Further, the scratch coupon module is a wonderful way to attract more customers towards your e- commerce store and helps in encouraging them to make online purchase through your site.

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