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6 Checkout Page Mistakes that may be Killing your Conversions

The greatest potential of curbing some revenue lies in the biggest flaw of the eCommerce ecosystem. The bounce backs and exits rates are a common scenario of the checkout page of almost every eCommerce company. However, a huge difference can be made in the online businesses if the store owners are able to control this abandonment rate.

It may sound ridiculous, but there are still a lot of companies that are guilty of the basic checkout page flaws. While these issues may appear small, they have the potential to kill your business single-handedly. The blog has listed out some of those mistakes that often skip the attention of the marketers while developing the checkout page. If you are able to drive reasonable traffic to your site, but still conversions are suffering, then, there is a possibility that you are committing any of these mistakes. Check them out.

Mistake #1 – Not providing multiple payment options

Multiple payment option

Providing multiple payment options are obviously more convenient for the online shoppers. According to a study done by PayPal, 63% of the consumers said that the reason for abandoning cart was that they were unable to pay the way they wanted. The payment preference is one amongst the ample factors that can make or break the user experience. Moreover, the conversion rate is averaging around 20% in the small enterprises that provide limited payment options. So, facilitate the customers by accepting the all conventional form of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Card and American Express, Paypal, Alipay, Visa Checkout and others in order to improve your payment page conversion rate.

Mistake #2 – No guest login option

guest login option

Making the entire procedure simpler is one of the hacks for checkout page optimization. Giving the new customers a way to complete their purchase without creating an account is one of the ways of the customer retention. This is one of the main reasons of the abandoned cart. Do not force the visitors to create an account. This increases the number of fields to be covered before making the payment. Moreover, some of the sites even ask to verify the account by visiting the Gmail account. This is annoying and a terrible idea. Provide the Guest Login option to the new users. You can even provide them with the Social login option. You can find Prestashop social login plugin for the Prestashop Stores. There are similar addons available for Magento and OpenCart store. Reducing the fields needed for account creation will surely get you some conversions.

Mistake #3 – Not keeping a track on the customer behavior

track on the customer behavior

Catering the expectations and needs of the customers is difficult in the virtual world if you don’t have an insight of the customer behavior. Find out the pain area of the customer by delving into the analytics of the site and particularly the checkout page. Prestashop Checkout Analytics is one addon that keeps a track on the user behavior on the checkout page. It keeps a track on the number of customers who visited on the one-page checkout module, the visitors who entered their email ids and those who clicked on the payment button. It even provides the statistics of the customers who completed the transaction after clicking on the place order button.

In case, the customers are clicking on the payment button, but not completing the transaction, then, there are chances that there is something wrong with the payment options or the gateway. Based on the backend tracking, you can make your front end modifications and set your strategy. This is an easier way to find out the issues in your site.

Mistake #4 – Not providing a mobile checkout flow

mobile checkout flowv

A quick look at the analytics will show that a large volume of online shoppers these days browse the store and make the payment through handheld devices. This is the reason why mobile applications are gaining popularity. However, with limited storage space, people avoid installing a lot of apps. Hence, the website should be made mobile responsive, so that, your store is at an arms distance from your prospective customers. All the payment options offers by site should work on the mobile phones as well. Even the checkout flow should be mobile optimized. An eCommerce store that facilitates mobile shopping is firmly mainstream.

Mistake #5 – Not doing A/B testing

A/B testing

Not doing A/B testing on the checkout page is another common mistake of the store owners. The security constraints are one reason that may lead to an increase in the abandoned cart. Find the correct location for the security badge placement by comparing two different positions with each other. Heatmapping tool can give you an idea of the areas on the site that the visitors notices more. These badges can be placed there. The graph below shows some of the badges that can create the trust factor.

graph below show the badges that can create the trust factor

                                                                  Image Source: Baymard Institute

Take the test and see which of the navigation links are acting as a distraction for the visitors. Compare the various CTA buttons to see which one is compelling the visitors more.

Mistake #6 – Not removing the unnecessary form fields

unnecessary form fields

The lengthy procedures and the unnecessary fields add to the frustration which is followed by abandonment. The checkout page should be focused on the redirecting the customers to the payment gateway. Remove the extra fields from this page. One of the ways to deal with the frustration and annoyance of the visitors is to upgrade your store with a one-page checkout addon. Reduce the time consumption and the number of steps and you’ll observe the difference.

Over to you

As we move ahead in the era where eCommerce acts as a driving force, overlooking the shopper’s point of view is the biggest mistake. Making the checkout process painless is one of the ways to tweak to the end of your funnel. There are numerous ways of making the checkout process appealing, but the best way is to track the need and requirement of the end users. So, analyze on the important metric of the checkout page and keep a check on the bounce backs.

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