5 eCommerce Mistakes that lead to Cart Abandonment

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Sometimes, the customers may browse the store, add a product to the cart, but at the time of check out, they may cancel the transaction and leave the purchase incomplete. This is known as Cart Abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most important concerns for e-commerce retailers. There can be ample reasons for cart abandonment. Though it is impossible to figure out the exact reason, one can try to analyze the behaviour of the abandoned cart users and work upon it to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Before finding out ways to reduce cart abandonment, it is important to look for the reasons leading to it. In this article, I have listed out the top 5 eCommerce mistakes that lead to shopping cart abandonment.

1. Hidden charges

Generally, the customers are unaware of the hidden charges incorporated by the seller in the products. The hidden charges may include the shipping cost, transaction fees, etc. The introduction of these charges at the transaction page kills the purchasing mood and results in the abandoned carts. Therefore, the seller must be clear about all the charges that are applicable in the product, so that the customer may make up his mind prior to the purchase.

2. Mandatory sign-ups

There is nothing more frustrating than a mandatory sign-up process on the checkout page. People are ready to abandon the cart to avoid filling up a registration form.

Customers want to check out easily. Adding a barrier in the checkout process will only lessen the chances of conversion. To avoid compulsory registrations, come up with a Guest Checkout or provide a social login facility so that the consumers can get rid of form filling without their flow getting disturbed.

3. Tedious Checkout

The checkout page of an e-commerce store is a crucial step towards the purchase journey of a customer. If optimized, it can boost your conversions otherwise you can face a heavy drop-down in the conversion rate.

Try to simplify your checkout page. Have clarity. I would suggest adding a one page checkout facility on your store so that the checkout process becomes convenient for customers.

If you are confused between a one page checkout and multi-page checkout, read One Page Checkout vs Multi Page Checkout: Which is better and why?

4. Lack of Payment options

With the introduction of multiple payment gateways, customers expect to make a payment with their desired payment option, yet many e-commerce stores are stuck with a few payment options only. When customers do not find the desired payment mode, they take an exit from the store and look for the product in some other stores.

Why would you let that happen when a person is all set to make a purchase? Provide multiple payment options so that customers can choose their preferred payment option. Also, do not forget to add the e-wallet facility.

5. Less offers

The primary reason why people prefer to shop online is to get heavy discounts and the offers that the customers can avail on a number of products. The major factor contributing to the growth of the online market is choice availability and the offers that customer receives on a daily basis via Email, or pop-ups. Therefore, most of the time a customer expects to receive some kind of discounts on their purchase. In case, the seller fails to provide them with offers, the customer readily abandons the cart and exit the store.

To persuade your customers with some attractive offers, you can look to add the Spin and Win or the Exit popup on your e-commerce store.

Final word

Want to reduce the cart abandonment rate? Check out Knowband’s

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The Abandoned Cart module gives a detailed analysis of the abandoned cart users and allows e-retailers to reach out to those users to persuade them to complete the purchase.

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