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8 Checkout Page Mistakes that may be Killing your Conversions

The checkout page is the conversion deciding factor for any eCommerce website. If you are driving a good amount of traffic on your store but the conversions are not at par with the traffic, there is something wrong in your checkout process that is hindering the checkout experience of your visitors.

A huge difference can be made in conversions if e-retailers are able to rectify their checkout page mistakes. In this article, I have listed out 8 checkout page mistakes that may be killing your conversions.

Mistake 1 : No guest checkout option

Mandatory registration on the checkout page adds to the topmost reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Online shoppers feel annoyed when presented with a sign-up form during the checkout process.

Forcing visitors to create an account only increases the number of fields to be covered before making the payment. Some of the eCommerce stores even ask users to verify their account, leading to a troublesome checkout experience.

This can be avoided by offering the Guest Checkout facility. Guest Checkout allows users to get rid of the registration process and helps them make a quick checkout, enhancing your conversion rate.


Mistake 2: Not providing social sign-in

Almost every eCommerce website provides users with the facility to sign in using their social media accounts. Not having the social login option on the checkout page can affect your conversions.

Providing the social sign-in option eases up the registration task (single-click registration), maintains the checkout flow and allows users to get rid of remembering password.

Mostly, people remain logged in on their Facebook or Instagram. Hence, a social login option reduces the extra efforts put during the sign-up process by allowing users to sign-up with their social accounts.

You can try out our Social loginizer module to put up a social login option on your eCommerce website. Check out:

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Mistake 3:  Not using the progress bar


Shoppers might give up the purchase idea if they are unaware of the number of checkout steps involved in the checkout process.

It is important to display which stage a customer is at present when they are on the track of completing their purchase. Showing the progress of the checkout puts up a clear picture in front of the user regarding how many fields they have covered and how many more they would have to go through before they could finally place their order.

Mistake 4: No trust factor

With too many online frauds taking place nowadays, online shoppers do not put their trust on a website so easily while making the payment. No matter how amazing your website looks, if customers feel a trust issue, they won’t make the payment. As simple as that.

To gain customer’s trust, show off the security badges on the checkout page, and make customers feel relaxed. Add an additional security layer by making your website SSL certified.

Mistake 5:  Not having a proper return policy

Online shoppers do have concerns regarding the products they purchase. There’s always a doubt regarding a defective or an incorrect order getting delivered. This is why the first thing any customer prefers to do before purchasing the product is to check its return policy.

Easy return policy provides customers comfort while placing the order.

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 Mistake 6:  Not providing multiple payment options

If you are still stuck with Credit Card and Debit Card only, you are surely missing out on huge conversions. Limited payment options won’t help you in the long run.

Online shoppers look for varieties, be it for products or for the payment methods.

With digital wallets in trend, it would be a great idea to implement the major e-wallets in your store. It would provide your customers with a number of payment options to choose from and help them choose the preferred payment option while making the payment.

Mistake 7:  You are having a complicated checkout

A lengthy checkout process involving unnecessary fields adds to the frustration among customers which is followed by cart abandonment. It is, therefore, essential to optimize your checkout page. One of the ways to do so is by upgrading your store with a one page checkout that places all the checkout fields on a single page.

Knowband’s One Page Checkout is a feature-packed module that covers all the essential checkout steps and provides you with the option to remove unnecessary fields to optimize your checkout page.

We provide PrestaShop One Page Checkout, OpenCart One Page Checkout, Magento One Page Checkout, Magento 2 One Page Checkout.

Mistake 8 :  Checkout page is not mobile-friendly

The majority of online shoppers these days browse the website through handheld devices. This is the reason why mobile apps are gaining huge popularity. However, with limited storage space, people avoid installing a lot of apps.

For shoppers using mobile devices to make a purchase, it is important to make the checkout page mobile responsive. For your information, around 1.6 billion people use mobile devices to shop online globally, says a report by Invesp. So you can imagine the impact it can have on your conversions.

Make sure that the checkout process works as conveniently on a mobile device as it does on the desktop.

Final Word

Put your feet in your customer’s shoes and think what could be the possible areas for improvement on your checkout page. Are you feeling satisfied? Is it hampering your checkout experience? If so, work on those factors to simplify the checkout experience of online shoppers.

Keep an eye on these 8 checkout page mistakes that could possibly kill your conversion.

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