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Flash Sale - Shopify

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Shopify Flash Sale app

The Flash sales countdown timer by Knowband gives an impression of urgency to avail the offer in a limited time. Otherwise, motivating the customers to add the product in their cart and complete their transaction. Shopify Flash Sale Countdown Timer allows the store admin to offer time-limited promotion. You can now put forward a flash sale and enhance the chances of conversions with the help of this boost sale app. The countdown timer increases the effectiveness of the promotions and enables you to sell more.

Want to cause attract customers and trigger spontaneous purchases? The Shopify app by Knowband offers all possibilities to covert your store visitors into lead. Here are some of the configuration options offered by the Shopify flash sale app that can help in the same.


Set the sales: The admin can easily set the discount offered by this flash sale app by Knowband. The discount amount along with the expiry date can be fixed from the back-end and the same will be incorporated at the front-end of the website.

Automatic discount calculation: The total sale amount with the deducted discount will be calculated automatically at the checkout. It will even include the tax if this feature of flash sale app is included by the admin.

Select the display location: The countdown with special offers allows the admin to select the web pages or the location of the website where the flash sale block is to be showcased.

Apply the restrictions: The flash sale countdown timer by Knowband allows the admin to apply the flash sale restriction on currency, country or the group of customers. The deal will not be offered on the selected ones.

Fully customizable interface: The look and feel of the flash sale app can be customized from the admin interface. The banners on the countdown timer can be changed from the back-end.

Benefits for Admin

  • The Shopify flash sale countdown timer allows the admin to select the product/category to display the flash sale.
  • Admin can set the discount amount and expiry duration, (that is, the start and end date) of the sale.
  • This Shopify app allows the admin to create N number of flash sales and sort them as required.
  • The deal can be enabled/disabled at a button click.
  • The Shopify countdown timer for flash sale offers the admin to enter the custom JSS as per his preferences.
  • The look and feel of the flash sale app can be change easily.
  • The admin can select the countdown timer that is to be flashed in the front-end from the available choices.
  • The countdown with special offer provides an option to select the banner for the same.
  • Store owner can even apply restriction on the various sale offers.
  • The boost sale app is multi-shop supported.
  • The multi-lingual support allows the admin to set the title in multiple languages.
  • The respective Shopify app works flawlessly. The banners and the timer can even be displayed in the mobile devices.

Customer Benefits

  • The customers can enjoy great discounts on your online store.
  • The countdown with special offer by Knowband makes it easier for them to make an instant purchase decision.
  • The attractive UI of this Shopify flash sale app will make your store more attractive and it will be well-appreciated by your customers.


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