Reward Points - Prestashop Addons
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Reward Points - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.5.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.4 (17-Jan-2021)
Sales: 100+


Prestashop Reward Points Module

This Prestashop Reward Points Addon gives rewards to customers each time they purchase a product. The Online Shoppers can use these points to get discounts on their further purchases.

This is a useful Prestashop Addon for a merchant to provide reward points to his customers. The Prestashop store owners can decide how much reward points a customer must get depending upon his order total on the checkout page. The reward points motivate the customer to shop more.. This Prestashop Loyalty Points addon give the facility to the buyers to view the rewards points in his/her profile. They will also be able to share the points with friends or relative.

Need some additional feature?

This Prestashop Reward Points Addon also integrates a reward point tracking interface on the front in the customers' account. It helps the users to keep a track of how much points they have earned and how much points they have already spent.

  • This Prestashop Loyalty Points Extesnion helps the store owners to improve your website traffic.
  • This Prestashop Rewards Points Module helps the prestashop store merchant to generate new as well as repeat sales.
  • This Prestashop Addon helps the online store admin to make some loyal customers by giving them attractive discounts.
  • This Prestashop Loyalty Points Addon keeps your customers engaged by encouraging them to shop more and win points.
  • This Prestashop Extension allows the admin to improve your conversion rates and revenue generation.
  • This Prestashop Reward Points Extension enables the merchant to improve your popularity by letting customers share the reward points with others.

Benefits for Admin-

  • Increase in revenue as customers will place another order to use reward points.
  • Reward points feature will entice more customers to the website.
  • The Store admin can set different rules for guest and registered customers, depending upon which customers will receive reward points.
  • The Admin can also create N number of discount and reward poitns rules.
  • The Online shoppers can view any customer's used and left reward points.​
  • Easy to use and install.


  • The Admin can define with how much order total, and how many reward points to be provided.
  • The Online shoppers can set rules for guest as well as logged in customers.
  • The Customers can share their reward points with their friends or relatives who are not even using the store. This will increase site traffic because new customers will visit the site to redeem points.
  • The Store Owners can also view customer wise stats which will show him customer's used and left reward points.

Benefits for Customers-

  • Reward points for the customers which can be used to get discount.
  • They can share points with their friend or relatives.
  • Once the customer has enough reward points which will satisfy the discount rule created by the admin then the customer can use those reward points to get discount.
  • The customer can also view all of his/her reward points in his profile.

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