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Scratch Coupon - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibility: Opencart v1.5.3 - v2.2.0.0
Latest Version: v0.3 (5-Mar-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Opencart Scratch Coupon Extension

Online shopping has been more fun and simpler than ever and this is because it comes along with great benefits of discount shopping. One can find different types of deals available on products sold online and scratch coupons are one amongst them. Opencart Scratch coupon plugin plays a significant role to engage user engagement and increase conversions on your site. The Opencart extension allows the store admin to display the scratch coupon box on their website and where the store visitors can scratch the coupon with their mouse and win alluring discounts. Opencart scratch coupon pop up plugin is a sure-shot way to motivate the customer to make the more purchase.

Opencart scratch coupon is a good opportunity for all those eCommerce organizations that are struggling hard to increase their product sales on their respective eCommerce sites.

Important Features of the Opencart Scratch Coupon Extesnion -

Simple and Quick Installation - The Online retailers can install and configure this Opencart scratch coupon plugin with ease by following some simple steps. It is easily installed using administration area or automatically using the directory which is hosted by Opencart. If these options don’t suit you, you can also try it doing manually via FTP or as an upload.  

Responsive Layout - All those website owners who are looking to give a unique user experience, must give a try to this Opencart scratch coupon extension. More and more people are checking websites on their phone, therefore Opencart coupon email extension has been designed specifically for targeting mobile users. 

Fixed or Percentage Based Coupon Code - The Opencart scratch coupon module allows the store admin to offer discount to buyers you can create custom coupon codes based on the store requireement.

Percent Discount - A flat percentage off each listing in a shopper’s entire order 

Fixed Dollar Amount Discount - Subtracts a set amount, such as $10 from an order.

Set Coupon Code Length - Balance the character set, length and number of coupon codes you use. 

Use with any Theme - The Opencart scratch pop up module is compatible to be used with all themes. 

Easy yet Rich Reporting System - Everyone wants the system to be easy to use and have the right functionality of their site. With Opencart scratch coupon extension, store admin will be able to monitor the status of sent and used coupons easily along with graphical statistics and figures. This gives a better insight of how well your store is performing in converting customers. Other than this, you will be able to sort previous history on the basis of date selected. 

Coupon Statistics - With this option, the store admin will get an overview of total number of coupons generated, coupons used and coupons expired within a span of time. The statistics is represented in the form of pie chart or via graphical figures to track an overall view.

Other Features of the Opencart Scratch Coupon Extension:

  • Fully customizable email subscription pop up.
  • The Opencart extension is Multi-Store compatible.
  • The Opencart scratch coupon module is Desktop, Tablet and Mobile responsive.
  • Highly interactive pop up interface

Benefits for the Admin:

1. The Opencart coupon email plugin allows the store admin to installed and customized the module without any problem

2. The Online merchant to enable/disable the module as per the need.

3. The Opencart scratch card can send a personalized email with the coupon code.

4.The Opencart Scratch Coupon pop up module allows the admin to add the own rules.

5. The Opencart scratch card plugin provides a statistics option where the Store admin can track the use of the coupon codes and more.

6. The Opencart store merchant can set the discount amount and time period on the backend of the module.

8. The Opencart scratch card pop up has provided an option the e-merchant to customize the messages on the scratch card box.

9. The Admin has an option to customize the look, feel, and text of the front block from back-end itself.

10. The Opencart extension helps admin to attract customers and Increase sales.

11. Effective marketing with little investment

12. Increases trust among the Customers.

13. Influences the buying behavior of the Online shoppers,

14. Leads to Impulse buying.

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