Elastic Search - OpenCart Extensions
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Elastic Search - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibility: Opencart 2.0.x - 3.0.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (26-Jul-2020)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 8
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OpenCart Elastic Search extension

ElasticSearch is an open-source, RESTful search engine. It is a highly scalable, full-text search engine. With this, you can store, search and analyze huge data in the meantime. ElasticSeach is the fastest search engine that returns query results in real-time without any delay.

Now the online store admin can easily integrate Elasticsearch engine within OpenCart web store using the OpenCart Elasticsearch extension. The online merchant can store the entire product catalog on the server where they have to install the Elasticsearch then provide search and autocomplete suggestions for the customers of the online store.

Online merchants can search based on the product name, description, meta tags, tags, model, manufacture and other details. Admin can apply the settings for showing the product name, price and image along with the auto-complete search result. Admin can also add multiple synonyms settings from the admin interface of the OpenCart Elasticsearch module. The Elasticsearch module for OpenCart allows the store merchant to sync products and synonyms on a single button click.

Salient Features of this OpenCart Elasticsearch plugin:

1. With the help of this Elasticsearch extension for OpenCart, the online merchant can implement an Elastic search engine in place of MySQL Search Engine.

2. It is very easy to upload and update products, categories, the manufacturer data to the elastic server with this Elasticsearch module for OpenCart.

3. Admin can set an index name from the OpenCart Elasticsearch plugin admin interface.

4. The customer can search for data by product name, description, tags, manufacturer and model of the Product.

5. The online merchant can set up Cron Job for updating the ElasticSearch Indexes on the server.

6. Admin can enable the functionality of highlighting the matching term while auto-complete search functionality.

7. Admin can show name, price and product image in the auto-suggestions result.

8. The OpenCart module allows the merchant to set place holder text for the search text box.

9. Admin can add synonyms and sync it at the same time.

10. Admin can sync products on a single click and also upload a file of synonyms and sync it easily.

11. Admin needs to enter the Elasticsearch Host address(IP address of the server with Elasticsearch installed), Port number(server with Elasticsearch installed) and Index name. 


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