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Free COVID19 Information & Shipping Availability Checker module - Opencart

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (28-Mar-2020)
Sales: 50+


The Corona pandemic has created panic globally and it is making a severe impact on businesses be it offline or online.

People are spending their days at home with their family and maintaining social distancing. No one is daring to step outside their house.

To help our customers and the eCommerce businesses, we are offering this Free COVID-19 Information and Shipping Availability Checker extension to the OpenCart merchants that let them show important updates to their web visitors.

Features of OpenCart COVID-19 Information and Shipping Availability Checker -

Select the Popup Image-

The extension allows the admin to select the desired popup image and display it on the front-end. The admin can upload the image from his local drive or choose from the available folders.

Customizable Popup Content-

The admin can customize the popup content as per his choice. The popup can be used to display important updates related to COVID-19 or related information from your business point of view.

For example, if you are facing some troubles with the shipping and delivery of products, you can notify your customers regarding it as soon as they enter your website. You can also add a link to the popup content to redirect customers to a specific page. Besides, if you are running any offers currently, you can use this to display them too.

Choose the Text Color-

This OpenCart extension lets you pick a text color from the custom colors available. Use a text color that fits well with the background design so that the text is clearly visible to your website visitors and the popup looks appealing.

Restrict Shipping to Limited Countries-

With OpenCart COVID-19 Information and Shipping Availability Checker extension, you can specify the countries where you are allowing shipping. Let’s say the country specified is the USA, then no visitor from any country other than the customers other than USA will see a shipping restriction notice at the checkout page. The countries can be selected from the drop-down list.

Put up a message for countries where shipping has been restricted-

The extension offers a “Country Restriction Message” option where you can put a message for your visitors or customers of those countries where you are currently facing troubles with shipping or order delivery. This message will be displayed to the users when they head on the checkout page and select the country which does not fall under the specified countries by the admin.

Set the Popup Display Frequency-

The extension allows the admin to set the display frequency of the COVID-19 Information popup. The frequency can be set to one visit per hour, one visit per day, one visit per week, one visit per month or you can set your own custom time. The time defined would be in minutes. Let’s say it is set to 2 minutes, then the popup will be displayed 2 minutes after the visitor has arrived on your website.


Benefits of OpenCart COVID-19 Information and Shipping Availability Checker-

1. Update your customers regularly with the changes in your business due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Notify customers about shipping availability on the checkout page.

3. Display offers running on your website.

4. Spread awareness and act like an Influencer for your customers.

5. The extension is easy to install and configure with no requirement of technical knowledge.


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