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OpenCart Ecommerce Extensions

OpenCart Extensions for a Feature-rich eCommerce Site

Designed on PHP database management system, OpenCart is known to be a great shopping cart for eCommerce website development. Businesses, these days prefer to choose OpenCart as it is free to use and offers most of the features that every Ecommerce business requires.

Features of OpenCart-

Being a well documented and open source platform, OpenCart is a great choice and is featured with-

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Supports extensive entry of products
  • Reliable, stable and secure platform
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • User friendly and cost-effective
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages
  • Restore and Backup tool available
  • Presence of various extensions
  • Supports search engine optimization for products as well as categories

OpenCart Extensions

At Knowband, we are in possession with creative and talented technical programmers who carry expert in designing the most advanced and functionally powerful extensions for OpenCart. OpenCart Modules/Extensions designed at Knowband are featured with latest functionalities. They are designed keeping in mind the ease of use and serves as a great addition to your website. Listed below are some of our most selling plugins which have been rewarded well by our users. Based on the features and functionality, we have categorized these plugins as shown below-

Category #1 OpenCart Extensions for Increasing Conversions

Conversions are key to succeed in the world of online marketing. Here are 3 best OpenCart Extensions which will help you boost your sales and increase conversion.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart- Cart abandonment has become a serious issue for most of the eCommerce sites. Installing this extension on your OpenCart store, allows you to recover the revenue lost from customers abandoning the checkout process.

This extension allows you to design customized emails to fit your business needs. Create exclusive emails by using pre-defined or customized email templates. It also gives you a choice to insert discounts and promotional offers to encourage customers for completing the purchase.

Why you should buy this plugin?


Reduce cart abandonment rate by sending emails to the registered or guest customers after cart abandonment.

Increase in orders by sending reminders on pending, cancelled and closed orders.

Acquire customers and increase visitor engagement by sending discounted coupons along with reminder mails.

Increase in revenue with each returned customer

Improve customer loyalty by providing an exceptional level of service

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  1. OpenCart One Page Supercheckout-

Developers at Knowband understand the importance of having a clean and polished website starting from the product page to checkout page. We think from customer’s point of view and therefore focus on bringing them a step closer to the purchase process.

In order to retain your customers, you need to reduce the steps that take them closer to the checkout process. Keeping this in mind, we have designed OpenCart One Page Supercheckout that provides the fastest and simplest checkout experience for your users. With a single step checkout, customers will be able to checkout by placing all necessary information like billing, shipping, in just a few clicks. No more wasting time in browsing numerous pages. With this plugin installed, you will be able to assemble everything on a single page.


Simple checkout process that motivates customers to buy from you

Helps in providing a better customer experience

Avoids confusion and stress during registration process

For detailed information, please go to

  1. OpenCart Price Alert

In order to keep customers engaged and increase conversions, OpenCart Price Alert offers a remarketing strategy by allowing customers to opt in for email notifications when selected products drop in price or come back in stock.

With this module, your customer can set up price alert for products that appeal them but they are not in a position to buy for now.


  • Increase conversion rate- Encourage customers to complete the purchase when the price is right.
  • Drive loyalty- Give customers a personalized experience by automatically making them aware whenever a specific product comes back in stock or drops in price.

Shoppers are busy and many not have time to visit your store for updates unless they have a specific need. However, with “OpenCart Price Alert” you can alert your existing and potential customers whenever the price goes down. By providing such superior class service, you will be able to gain customer’s trust and increase loyalty for your business. The happier your customers, the more successful your business will be.

Category #2 OpenCart Extensions for Acquiring Customer Database

Gathering information about your customers can provide lots of benefit to your business. Whether it is about enhancing customer communication or getting a broader view of your target market, having customer data can improve the way you operate your business.

Understanding the importance of acquiring customer database, we have designed-

OpenCart Auto Subscribe- “Auto Subscribe”, as the name suggests, this plugin enables store admin to send newsletters to customers who have registered for them. By installing this extension, you get everything you need to get the highest ROI for your business. It is an easiest way to keep your customers informed about the latest updates on your website.

Save for Later- In OpenCart, shopping cart details can be saved once a user proceeds to checkout and clicks the CTA button. These details are available under each user account to the store admin. What if you want to integrate a similar functionality on your store where user can save a filled cart, to be sent for order at a later time?

OpenCart Save for Later helps customers choose their top products into a product tray for later consideration. By giving customers a choice to save, you help them making their buying decision easier. In addition to it, you will be able to engage customers on your site for a longer period of time.

OpenCart Price Alert- Installing OpenCart Price Alert helps your customers keep an eye on their desired products and gets notified when the price drops.

These extensions, once downloaded help you to gain email subscribers for your brand.