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Multi-vendor marketplace | Create your own marketplace | Magento | Prestashop

Transform your eCommerce store into a Multi-vendor Marketplace

The feature-rich extension offers customizable storefront to your sellers and a remarkable shopping experience to the customers.

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About Us

Knowband's multi-vendor marketplace extensions will transform your eCommerce stores into a full-fledged online shopping mall. The marketplace owners can invite multiple independent vendors to sell their products on your site.

A marketplace is an online store that brings the sellers and buyers on the same platform. The marketplace owner can sell a larger assortment of products without actually maintaining an inventory. Unlike the eCommerce sites, marketplaces transfer the stress of maintaining inventories, logistics and shipment to the vendor.

Choose the suitable solution for your store from the line of - Prestashop Marketplace Addon, Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Module and OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin.

Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace

The no-code interface of the Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace can convert the entire eCommerce site into a marketplace. With easy seller registration, profile and order management, the Magento marketplace plugin makes it easier for the admin to manage the site.

  • $224.25 $300.25
  • Based on 131 reviews.
    (131 Reviews)

Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace

Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace can convert your site into an advanced marketplace. The sellers can add and manage their products in multiple languages as well as process the orders at a few button clicks.The intuitive interface offers full control to the admin on their marketplace site.

  • $224.25 $300.25
  • Based on 131 reviews.
    (131 Reviews)

Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace

Non-technical admin can also convert their eCommerce store into a Marketplace with the help of Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin. Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Module does not involve change in a single line of code. Only approved sellers can sell their products at the Marketplace. Sellers can add products only in the assigned categories from the seller dashboard.

  • $219.00

Opencart Multi-vendor Marketplace

With OpenCart Marketplace Extension, the store admin can upgrade their store into a full fledged Marketplace. The Marketplace admin can manage the sellers along with their listed products at the Marketplace from the backend of the store. OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin offers a user-friendly interface to the sellers to add products at the Marketplace.

  • $179.00
  • Based on 2 reviews.
    (2 Reviews)

How It Works?


Install the Marketplace extension in your store. Convert your online shop into a complete marketplace.

Seller Registration

The online sellers/vendors can register in your marketplace in a few simple steps. The store owner can approve/disapprove the seller’s profile.

Start Selling

Allow multiple vendors to sell their product on your site. The order processing and shipment is handled by the seller while the admin can control the overall marketplace transaction

Earn Commission

The store admins can fix and charge commission to the sellers trading on the marketplace.

Core Plugin Features

Seamless Interface

The uncluttered category and seller’s page makes the trading experience seamless both for the sellers as well as the customers.

Flawless Online Transaction

The marketplace plugins ensures easy invoice management even when multiple sellers are involved. Thus, the online transaction is flawless both for the buyers as well as sellers

Flexible Workflow

Flexible Workflow for Multi-Vendor Product Catalog and Order Management makes the entire transaction transparent among the admin and sellers.

Automated Approach

The entire process of vendor, order and inventory management is automated. No manual tracking or synchronization is required.

Why Choose Knowband Marketplace Extension?

The feature-packed marketplace modules facilitate the entire process of vendor registration and allow the admin to keep a track of the marketplace transaction. Here are some of the points that provide us a competitive edge.

The plugins support almost all type of products. The sellers can add simple, bundled, configurable and other types of products.The flexible commission management allows you to create multiple commission rule for the vendors.

The multi-lingual support allows the sellers to list their products and their details in the desired language.The plugins support multi-shop environment.

Admin can send multiple notifications and alerts to keep the sellers notified about the various activities of the marketplace.The automated approach eases out the work of the marketplace owner. The pocket-friendly comes with a free support of three months.

Main Features

Seller Registration

Anyone can 'Register as Seller' in the marketplace just by filling up a simple registration form.

Seller Account Approval

The admin can add/remove the seller’s profile at a button click from the back-end of the module.

Product Approval

The sellers can add their products with quantity and price. The admin can add/remove the products or incorporate the auto-approval option.

Product Management

The separate dashboard for the vendors and seller’s page allows them to manage their product and inventory with least hassle.

Multi-lingual Support

The multi-lingual compatibility of the plugins allows the sellers to update the product details in multiple languages.

Marketplace Commission

The admin gets to set the percentage of commission globally for all sellers. They can even fix the commission for individual sellers.

Payment Options

The multi-vendor marketplace modules supports all payment types. The admin can ensure flawless transaction both to the seller and buyers.

Order Management

The orders are managed by the vendors. The sellers can keep track of the orders and revenue from their dashboard.

Shipping Management

Even the shipment is the responsibility of the sellers. The plugins support all type of shipping methods.

Seller & Product Review

The online shoppers can give product or seller reviews. The admin can approve or reject the reviews from the back-end of the plugin.

SEO Friendly Features

The sellers can create SEO-friendly URL for their product page. Offers an option to enter Social URLs for enabling the social links on Seller's Page.

Mail Notification

Offers a number of default email templates for sending auto-response to the sellers.

Additional Plugins

Marketplace CSV Import/Export Addon

Marketplace CSV Import/Export module is an addon for the KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace module. This addon helps the sellers of the Prestashop marketplace to list their products on the marketplace by using the CSV file.

Marketplace Seller Badge Addon

Marketplace Seller Badge Addon allows the Prestashop Marketplace admin (who are using the KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace module) to add badges for different sellers according to their performance.

Marketplace Sellers Invoice Addon

Marketplace Sellers Invoice Addon for KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace module provides some additional feature to the admin.Admin can send the invoice to the customers with the sellers information.

Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode Addon

Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode Addon is a helpful module for KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace. This addon allows the sellers to set vacation message for their store if they are on vacation.

Customers-Sellers Ticket System Addon

Marketplace Customers Sellers Ticket system addon for KnowBand Marketplace module allows the customers to get in touch with the sellers for their concerns regarding the product or order.

Marketplace Low Stock Alert Addon

Marketplace Low Stock Alert addon allows the sellers to set a threshold value for the product inventory. As soon as product quantity will reach the threshold value, the seller will receive the notification for the low inventory.

Marketplace Deal Manager Addon

Marketplace Deal Addon for the KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace module is the best addon to help the sellers to offer the awesome discount on their products.Admin can also offer discount on sellers products.

Admin to Seller Paypal Payment Addon

Marketplace Admin to Seller Paypal Payment Addon for KnowBand Prestashop Marketplace module provides an interface to the marketplace admin to make payment to the sellers without redirecting to the PayPal site t complete the transaction.

Sellers-Admin Ticket System Addon

Marketplace Sellers Admin Ticket System addon allows the sellers to interact with the marketplace admin. This addon provides an interface to interact sellers and admin.Mail notification to the receiver.

Marketplace Import/Export Addon

Marketplace Import/Export extension is a supportive module for the Multi Vendor Marketplace extension by Knowband. This module allows seller(s) to import/export their products and its combinations from excel sheet.

Marketplace Contact Admin addon

Marketplace contact Admin extension allow the sellers to interact with the marketplace admin. This addon provides an interface to interact sellers and admin.

Marketplace Return Manager addon

Marketplace Return Manager Extension allows customers to send refund/return request directly to sellers whom products they have bought from the marketplace.

Marketplace Low Stock Notification Addon

Marketplace Low Stock Notification addon is an supportive module for the Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension by KnowBand, this module allows admin to send low stock email notification to sellers when their products quantity are about to end on the marketplace.

Marketplace Sellers Shipping Charge and Invoice Addon

Marketplace Sellers Shipping Charge and Invoice module by Know Band is additional extension for the Multi-vendor marketplace extension, which enables seller(s) to charge shipping charges for their added products and also enabled them to generate invoice for their products.

Marketplace Seller Vacation Mode Addon

Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode Addon is a helpful module for KnowBand Magento Marketplace. This addon allows the sellers to set vacation message for their store if they are on vacation.


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