Shipping Timer - Magento ® Extensions
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Shipping Timer - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (20-Dec-2018)
Sales: 50+


Magento Shipping Timer Extension

Knowband offers Magento Shipping Timer extension which includes the functionality to display count-down timer on the product pages. The eCommerce store admin can set the start and finish time of the countdown timer. The online users can get delivery of that product on the same day if they order the product in the provided time duration. The Magento Shipping Timer module allows the online store admin to select the categories, products, and countries on which he doesn’t want to show the countdown timer.

This Countdown timer extension for Magento is a fully featured module and helps the store admin to improve the conversion rate. The online users can complete their order for grabbing the same day delivery. Thus, the online admin can get profit in the peak time of festival season and occasions. By offering same-day delivery, the online store admin can create a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind. Thus, the e-merchant can improve conversions and profit also. 

Features offered by this Countdown timer module for Magento:

General Settings: The online store owner can implement the functionality to display a countdown timer on the product pages of the website.

  • Enable/Disable: The online store owner can easily activate or deactivate this Magento Shipping Timer extension.
  • Country Check: The e-merchant can enable Country check in order to apply country-based settings. The Magento Shipping Timer plugin will show a countdown timer on every country if the admin disables this setting.
  • Category Check: The online store admin can enable Category check for applying category-based settings. The Magento Shipping Timer plugin will show countdown timer for every category if admin disables this setting.

Countdown settings: The online store owner can apply countdown settings in order to set time duration and other related fields for showing countdown timer.

  • Countdown start-End time: The Magento store admin can enter the start time and finishing time. The countdown timer will be displayed in this time duration only. Admin can set date in 24-hour format.
  • Days: Admin can select the weekdays on which the countdown timer will be displayed on the selected pages. If the admin doesn’t select any day then the Magento Countdown timer plugin will display the countdown timer every day. 
  • Vacation Dates: The admin can enter vacation dates from the admin interface of this Countdown timer module for Magento. The countdown banner will not display on these dates. Admin can enter multiple dates by using comma (,) separator.

Banner Settings: The Magento Countdown timer extension provides a facility to set banner text for both the situations. The customers can view banner even when countdown functionality is not available on the product pages.

  • Primary Banner Content: The e-merchant can set the content, which will be displayed on the product page when the countdown timer will be available on the product page.  
  • Secondary Banner Settings: The eCommerce store owner can enable the settings to display a message in the absence of a count-down timer. Admin can set the message from the admin interface.
  • Warning Banner Settings: The Shipping extension for Magento provides an option to show a warning message on the cart page. The admin can set the message for showing to the customers that, if they add any product in the cart which cannot be delivered on the same day.

Restriction Settings: The online store admin is allowed to set country, category and product-based restrictions. The countdown timer will not be displayed for selected countries, categories, and products.

  • Select Countries to Restrict: Admin can select countries from the country list. No countdown timer will display on these selected countries.
  • Select Categories to Restrict: Admin can also restrict categories by selecting them.
  • Select Products to Restrict: Admin has an option to select products for a hiding countdown timer.

The online store admin can also view the shipping order details from the admin interface of this Countdown timer module for Magento.

Admin Benefits offered by this Shipping extension for Magento:

  • The Magento Shipping Timer plugin inserts a countdown timer on the website product pages.
  • Admin can set the timing in 24-hour format and show the countdown timer accordingly.
  • The Magento Countdown timer provides facility to restrict products, categories and countries for which he doesn’t want to show countdown timer. 
  • By showing the count-down time, the online store admin can easily create a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind. 
  • The timer provides information to the customers about remaining time to grab same-day delivery. 
  • The store admin can increase the chances of conversion and sales.

Customer Benefits offered by Magento Shipping Timer plugin:

  • The online users can get same-day delivery of their ordered product.
  • For getting faster shipping, the online users just need to complete their order within the provided time.
  • The online users don’t need to compare shipping timing of the same product in various websites.
  • The countdown banner informs the customers about the shipping timer.


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