PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Module for Higher Conversion on your PrestaShop Store


shopping cart abandonments can let your eCommerce business down that can drastically affect your sales.  This not only affects your brand reputation but also the trust of your loyal customers. You can’t guess which element on your eCommerce store might work against you and can turn away your potential customers from your site.

Abandoned Carts can bring your conversions and sales to a great halt. Although, you will surely employ various techniques and approaches to deal with shopping cart abandonment there is one PrestaShop module that has brought a considerable change in the whole scenario. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module is remarkable work from the Knowband team!

Let us explore more about this amazing module by taking a quick look at the various features and functionalities that are explained below:

1. capture the shopping carts of guest and logged- in customers

With the help of this PrestaShop module, you can keep a track of the guest and logged-in customer’s shopping carts that have been left abandoned. With its detailed analytics report, it is now much easier to target abandoners in order to boost your sales and conversions. This PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module can simplify the task of customer retargeting and conversion rate optimization.

2. Reminder email templates in multiple languages

offer-abandoned cart reminder-email-templates-in-multiple-languages

You might have customers from different regions. If you want to grab higher conversions and sales for your eCommerce store, you need to provide preferential treatment to your targeted customers. The language translation feature of this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module helps in sending personalized reminder emails or you can choose an email template from the listed ones to your abandoned customers in their native language that encourages a swift cart recovery.

With this module, the store owner can send emails automatically after a set delay. Also, the carts are marked abandoned in the same manner.

3. Send them a push notification when surfing through the browser


Not all your customers use the mobile app but are your PrestaShop store is ready for browser surfing? Progressive web apps are the new trend followed by almost every popular online website. In case you have an abandoner who is reaching you through the browser, you can use the push notification feature to grab their attention. Of course, emails are the best tool but sometimes customers just avoid them.

4. Inclusion of coupon codes and other appealing offers

There are times when your persuasive words in an email may not work for your eCommerce store and maybe completely futile. In these circumstances, you need to try out the last resorted option in the form of coupon code inclusion for making the desired conversion rates and cart recovery. It is one of the brilliant features of this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module that allows the store managers to offer appealing coupon codes, discounts on the shopping cart products for effective customer targeting and sales.

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5. Display a pop-up with a discount coupon that motivates

After targeting your customers with emails and push notifications, you can also display a pop-up on their screen whenever they visit your store. The abandoned cart pop-up window can be displayed on one or multiple pages. You can even add some discounts on the entry popup or exit pop-up that can encourage impulse buying. The PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module is different and has several unique features that make it different from any other available module.

6. Detailed statistical report about abandoned carts and converted carts

With this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module, store admin can get a detailed report about abandoned carts like the number of abandoned carts, the number of recovered carts, conversion rates achieved, and other such crucial information. By having this data, it will be much easier for your store to plan your eCommerce marketing strategies and the pain points to achieve the desired conversions and sales.


It is time to keep your abandoned carts under check and think about ways to control and get them converted back again in a seamless manner. For providing expert assistance in this critical task, you need to install this feature-loaded PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module from the Knowband store for a drastic makeover. It will surely make your online store the most preferred destination for making a quick product purchase and improve your business gains.

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