5 Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails

5 Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned carts are inevitable. Among the aspects that concern eCommerce businesses a lot, cart abandonment probably tops the list.

Did you know the average cart abandonment rate in 2019 was found to be 77%? And if we consider a general scale, the percentage remains somewhere in between 55-80.

Even though online shopping is getting more convenient with each day as Brands try to enhance the customer shopping experience through their mobile app, abandoned carts are still marked in huge numbers. It is simply because customers can have multiple reasons to abandon a cart and you cannot do anything about it.

Online businesses look for every possible way to reduce cart abandonment rate on their website. But you know one of the best practices lies in working on your abandoned cart emails. If your web visitors are not making past the checkout page after adding the item to their cart, it is your onus to reach out to them and encourage them to complete that purchase.

Leaving it as it is would only harm your conversion rate, however, if you utilize that opportunity to convince them, it could make a huge impact on your revenue.

Abandoned Cart Emails Best Practices

You are getting amazing traffic on your website but you notice the conversions are not satisfactory. That could be a bit hurting. You witness a few abandoned carts and you drop them an email reminding about the items they left in their cart.

But still not so positive results! What could be the reason? Well, maybe your cart abandonment emails are not persuasive enough for them. It’s not giving them a push to purchase.

So, how about making a change in your approach? In this write-up, I have put forward a few abandoned cart emails best practices to help you recover abandoned carts. Check them out.

1. Take Quick Action

If the cart abandonment took place in the afternoon and you are reminding those users about it in the night, it would not count in good practice at all. It would not be effective and you would most likely lose that sale.

How quick you should be to take action? Well, you should not delay it more than an hour. In my option, you should be quick to remind within half an hour of the abandonment, but you can stretch it to 1 hour, not more than that.

There’s a simple reason for that. The prospect would still be looking around for that product which means the desire to purchase would be high within the first one hour as compared to when you send it after 3 or 4 hours.

2. Follow-Up

The job does not get over on sending one reminder. They might have missed it or could not pay attention to it. This is why you should take at least 2 follow-ups after the reminder. The second one should go in the next 4-5 hours and the 3rd one on the next day.

Three abandoned cart emails are more than enough to capture the attention of those abandoned cart users. Do not overdo else it will look more like spam. If the prospect doesn’t convert in the first three attempts, the lead is lost.

3. Captivating Subject Lines

The subject line is the heart of your cart abandonment emails. The better you pitch it, the more the chances of conversion. You want them to open your emails, write subject lines that evoke their interest.

Avoid using click-bait kind of subject lines. It does not leave a good impression. Avoid using some very basic subject lines as well like “You have items pending in your cart”. This does not invoke emotion.

Collect a few subject lines and perform A-B testing. Look out which subject line is bringing more open rates. Besides, try to keep the email content very crisp and clear.

4. Add Images of the Abandoned Items inside the Email

You may be curious to know what does this have to do with cart abandonment emails. Well, visuals can significantly increase your chances of conversion.

Reminding customers about the items they left only with text might not be as effective as it would be when you include images. Visuals play a huge role in eCommerce.

For example, when you plan to buy a new phone, you open that website multiple times to check that phone. Similarly, when you display the images of the items pending in the cart, you regenerate that purchase intention as well as the mood for it.

5. Offer a Discount

Including a coupon code inside the cart abandonment email that offers a discount on the incomplete purchase can maximize your chances of conversion. Nothing tempts a customer more than a discount. If they get something at a slightly lesser price than what it was actually at the time of purchase, they would definitely like to grab it.

Final Word

If you bring these practices into your abandoned cart emails, you can expect an improvement in your conversion rate. Keep coming up with something catchy and creative and you will surely see the results soon. Do not expect the conversions to happen overnight.

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