How to get a cost-effective PrestaShop Mobile App in just 3 steps?

PrestaShop websites are getting popular day by day. PrestaShop has released its latest version 1.7 with more new and advanced features. We might observe an increase in the number of PrestaShop sites in the near future soon. For the time being, this eCommerce platform has already gained popularity and is expected to even become more popular in the upcoming years. A large number of PrestaShop website owners who are competing with each other and other eCommerce platforms to secure their shares of conversions can be highly be benefited with the adaptation of a mobile app for their site. This is a statistics report that suggests the mobile app revenue would grow up to $188.9B by the year 2021.


KnowBand makes PrestaShop App development easy for you!

KnowBand has brought this automated PrestaShop Mobile App Builder plugin to own a pair of the native mobile app. This module is designed as such to provide mobile apps in a pure non-coding way. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps and get your apps in no-time.

Step1: Purchase the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module and install the zip file on your PrestaShop store.

Step 2: Once the module is installed, we will share a pre-requisites form through the mail. You can share all the specifications and requirements with us.

Step 3: Once all the required information is received, our skilled development team will develop an APK/IPA file and share with you to which you can host on the PlayStore/App Store. Your customers will download the App from respective stores and install on their phone.

So, these are the three easiest steps that can help to get a mobile app for your PrestaShop website in a much economic manner.

Here are some benefits of using PrestaShop Mobile App builder :


1. Real-time Synchronization:

The PrestaShop Mobile App and the website are two entities of your eCommerce business, that need to run in proper sync. Using a Mobile app developed with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder, you will get an API (web service module) which will synchronize the mobile app with the website in much much quicker manner.

Every inventory (Product, category addition), order details and other store-related details are automatically reverted on the mobile app. This does not let store admin make the changes on a manual basis.

2. Tablet & Mobile Support:

Your apps are fully native and work flawlessly on all the handheld devices. With multiple screen-size support, your users can browse the app on all sorts of tablets, smartphones, iPad, and iPhone. Moreover, taking your app to the Android and iOS platform targets almost every mobile users around the world effortlessly.

3. Multi-lingual & RTL Support:

The Mobile Apps for PrestaShop supports all sorts of languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish etc. The module even supports various Right To Left scripts like Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic etc.

4. Brand Presence:

The eCommerce Mobile App for PrestaShop provides complete white label app to enhance your store branding strategies. The module allows you to display the store logo on the header of the app and strengthen your brand loyalty.

5. Rich Color Choices:

Right color schemes play a very vital role in luring potential users to your app. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker provides various color options in the module backend like the theme, background, button, button text etc. Now, you can choose the desired color for your app and change them whenever required.

6. Flexible Home Screen:

Provide impeccable design to the home screen of your app. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator has simplified the home screen by making it fully flexible to all sorts of customization. You can create multiple layouts based on various festivals & events. They can be easily used from the backend whenever required.

Furthermore, this feature brings various attributes for home screen customization like banners, sliders, countdown banner, recent products etc. You can provide whichever look you feel right for your app.

7. Quick Login Options:

Your PrestaShop Mobile App should have the perfect login screen in the mobile app as it is responsible to massive users retention on your store. With this module, your users get Google, Facebook, OTP, Fingerprint login options. It enhances the UX to another level.

8. Simplified Checkout:

The multi-screen and lengthy checkout screen often becomes the reason behind the user abandoning the cart. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides simplified single-page checkout screen and makes the order submission easy for the users.

9. Easy Payment Options:

Making online payment with PrestaShop Mobile App is easier than ever. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator supports all sorts of website payment methods along with custom payment method like Stripe, Braintree, PayU etc. The robust and easy payments in app motivate the users to make the purchase.

10. Effortless Trade:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator supports all sorts of shipping methods on the eCommerce app. All placed order deliveries can be easily handled by store admin without any hassle.

11. Social Sharing:

Promoting your store products on different social networks could be the sale booster for your business. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows the users to share your products with their family and friends with their product screen.

12. Coupons & Vouchers Support:

Mobile coupons are the modern way to offer discounts and deals to app users. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator support all sorts of coupons and vouchers on the mobile app.

13. Gamified E-mail Subscription Pop-up:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator provides the gamified e-mail subscription pop-up in the mobile app. The store admin can offer various deals and discounts with the same and capture the user’s e-mail as well. This spin-wheel responsive interface will only work on an app if KnowBand’s PrestaShop Spin and Win module is installed on the store.

14. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Deliver all sorts of information and notifications to the app users with unlimited push notifications service and grab their immediate attention. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides both automated as well as manual notifications to mobile shoppers.

15. Web-admin Interface:

The PrestaShop Android/iOS Mobile App Builder provides complete admin panel access to the store admin. This allows them to manage the app functionalities on their own.


That’s all! Having a PrestaShop Mobile App would definitely prove to be one of the strides to enhance the reach and visibility of your online business. In lieu of it boost the sales and conversions of your store. KnowBand even provides the Mobile App Builder for other eCommerce platforms as well. Get to know more from here.

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