How PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program can take your Marketing to Next Level

The PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program will engage store users to increase sales by assigning them a reward point. This plugin has complete admin management so that the reward points of buyers can be easily managed by the admin. This will allow for a point-based loyalty program that is a great way to earn points for frequent visitors.

The loyalty program can be used in digital marketing. You can share emails with your customers about the points they have earned in previous purchases and how they can redeem them. Also, you can incentivize your lost customers by adding some points in their wallets and the eligibility criteria.

All the marketing ideas and cart rules of the PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program are highlighted in this article.

Let’s dive into it.

Why you need a PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program?

Loyalty Point Program the term itself suggests that the points are offered to loyal ones. The customer who visits your store or makes a purchase from your store earns some points that can be converted into currency (as per the rules defined by the store manager) and used in the next purchase. The PrestaShop loyalty point system is a one-stop solution to increase sales by improved conversion and higher retention advantages. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Increased cart value
  • More conversions
  • Maximize repeat sales
  • Grow your list of email subscribers
  • Flexible cart rules to reward customers and visitors

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PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program for Marketing

The loyalty points can be offered to all your visitors and existing customers as you wanted. You can plan your policies and offer such rewards as per your defined rules. It is good to make some cart rules that increase average cart value, product-wise rules to increase the sale of particular items, or according to weight and shipping choices they make.

Provide them with clear guidelines. Let them earn points and you earn their loyalty!

Marketing ideas for new visitors

There are more possibilities than ever to boost website traffic and visits to your PrestaShop store with the evolution of digital marketing. A loyalty program holds the power to influence visitors to take the action. The action here means clicking on the link or sharing an email address to claim the reward. The emails collected can be used later for marketing purposes.

How to offer Loyalty Points to New Visitors?

On the landing page


The PrestaShop Loyalty Point program allows the store manager to offer loyalty points to every new visitor. This entices the visitor and increases customer engagement in your store. You can promote this offer on your social media handles and grab the attention of the users.

Such offers always work!

On first purchase


Also, the Loyalty Point Program can be used to reward customers on their first purchase. You can use a pop-up showing the program details and once they make the purchase, reward them with some points that they can redeem in the next purchase as per the rules defined.

Offering rewards on visits and first purchase are great tactics that you can apply to your store and increase the conversion rate remarkably.

How to benefit existing customers with Reward Points?

There are two types of customers that you need to take care of. First, the loyal -who always shops from your store and second- who used to shop from your store but didn’t show up in a long time. Since they have purchased from your store you already have their user data. Why put that data in junk when you can use it for marketing and boost sales?

Here is what you can do!

Reward on every purchase they make

Loyal ones are the best customers you have. Your competitors are always working hard to snatch them so, just make sure to keep them with you in the long run. You can incentivize your loyal customers and give them reward points on each purchase.


But, some customers shop once and never come back? Maybe they are not happy with your services or they might forget that you exist. Can you do something about it? Of course! You can.

Send an email and remind them that they are losing their loyalty points. You can add the timer with the email or you can share cart details, total earned points, and details to redeem it.

Add points to their wallet


Another way to get them back is by adding some loyalty points to their wallet. This maximizes repeat sales and brings back your potential customers.

Two ways you can tell them that they have earned loyalty points:

  • Notify with push notification
  • Via email

How and when you can offer loyalty points

The cart rules defined here underneath will possibly boost your eCommerce sales and increases the average cart value. Some of the best ways to define the rules are:

·         On the total cart amount

On total cart amount

Give loyalty points to the client for spending an amount above the amount mentioned. For instance, if customer shops for more than $20, you can give 10 loyalty points. Now let’s say if a customer’s cart total is $18, he or she will possibly add $3 more to take the total cart over $20 to gain 10 loyalty points.


·         On the product quantity


Provide consumers with reward points after they shop for the quantity of product listed. Suppose you sell some points of loyalty for the purchase of 2 items. And if a customer comes to your shop to buy a single item, you can ask them to add one more item to collect loyalty points.

·         On the particular payment method

Provide loyalty points with a PrestaShop Loyalty Points program when a customer purchases the defined payment process. If you want users to choose particular payment methods then this is the way to make them do.

·         On the specific shipping service

Provide loyalty points when a customer selects the shipping service mentioned.

·         Based on the product weight

To gain loyalty points, define what the total weight (in grams) of the goods should be.

·         On selected products and categories

If you have products that are stocked in your inventory for several days or months then this is the chance. You should note the certain items for which the loyalty points are to be issued. Select a category and only goods falling under that category will be granted loyalty points.


The loyalty point programs are used by almost all organizations whether they are into eCommerce or banking. PrestaShop Loyalty Point Program developed by KnowBand provides you with several alluring functionalities that you can use in digital marketing campaigns.

KnowBand has a solution for all the eCommerce problems and has several modules that can bring back your lost sales. Do visit us or drop a comment below if you find this article helpful.

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