How to Reduce Post-Holiday Returns for eCommerce

As the holiday season gets underway, merchants are gearing up for the onslaught of purchases that will undoubtedly accompany the gift-giving season. While purchases spike during the holiday rush, executing an originating transaction does not mean the sale’s lifetime is complete. Returns are an unavoidable part of the holiday season’s aftermath, regardless of why someone […]

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Six-Types-of-eCommerce-Customers and how to satisfy customers

Six Types of eCommerce Customers and How to Satisfy Them: Pro Tips

Online shopping is increasing, and customers who are enamoured with eCommerce sites spend countless hours researching the goods they want. There are some very popular quotes which make shopping, therapy, cardio or a hobby. It makes evident just how fixated people can be. There are many different types of eCommerce customers, therefore business owners need […]

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eCommerce Returns Management

5 ways to Manage eCommerce Returns

Managing eCommerce returns can be a headache for online retailers. If a rise in sales makes eCommerce merchants extremely happy, an increase in product return neutralizes that happiness. It is to be of no doubt that online stores have higher return rates than offline stores and there are strong reasons to back this fact. When […]

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Win-Back Abandoned Carts on your Magento Store with the Help of Magento Abandoned Cart Alert Extension

There is not any sure-shot guarantee that every visiting customer on your site can actually get converted into a potential buyer. There are chances that he/she may leave a website due to multiple reasons. Some of these reasons can be slow loading website, complicated checkout process, cluttered website design, difficult navigation movement, high product prices, […]

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PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Module for Higher Conversion on your PrestaShop Store

shopping cart abandonments can let your eCommerce business down that can drastically affect your sales.  This not only affects your brand reputation but also the trust of your loyal customers. You can’t guess which element on your eCommerce store might work against you and can turn away your potential customers from your site. Abandoned Carts […]

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