Top 10 Opencart Extensions to Boost Customer Experience


Better customer experience can increase customer retention. The sole requirement that every business owner has is that the buyer returns to the site after making a single transaction. Thanks to Knowband! It provides some excellent extensions for your eCommerce store which can enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience.

10 Customer experience solutions for your OpenCart store

I am sharing a compiled list of 10 smart solutions for your eCommerce store that boosts the online shopping experience on your OpenCart store.

1.     Smooth communications with Auto Switch Language And Currency- Opencart Extensions


Communication is what builds the bond between two things or individuals. But, if the language and currency become the barrier, the customer will be unable to shop from your store. Make it a multilingual store with OpenCart Auto Switch Language and Currency extension provided by Knowbandand add some value to the customer experienceKey features of this module include:

  • OpenCart Auto Switch Language and Currency extension automatically change the Language and Currency of the store according to customers geolocation
  • Uses IP address to fetch the customer details like country and region.
  • SSL compatible
  • multi-store compatible and Journal theme compatible

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2.    Customers can select a delivery time


Allowing your customer to choose a delivery time will amend their experience at your store. With the Preferred delivery time extension, users can select the desired delivery date and time on the checkout tab. The store administrator can provide a better customer experience by providing personalized service.

  • Admin can send a push notification or email for delivery details
  • Customer can get the product at their convenience
  • It is a mobile responsive extension

To know more about ‘Preferred delivery time extensionfor the OpenCart store by Knowband, you can visit our store or explore the module features on the OpenCart store.

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3.     Store locator to pick up the order


With the OpenCart Store locator, online users can view the physical store’s location in the shop area. They can now pick the product as per their comfort. This store locator makes it easy for the customer to set their schedule and allows them easy pick-up. Customers can save money on shipping charges.

This Store Locator helps a customer with this new feature of order pick-up. You can add a Store locator to your OpenCart store to enhance the customer experience. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the OpenCart Store locator by Knowband seems to be a good addon for your store.

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4.     Reward customers with Loyalty points


Rewards and discounts have an important role to play in attracting consumers and making shopping interesting. Knowband provides Opencart Loyalty Points Extension, which handles the Admin’s reward points scheme. The Extension provides loyalty points for both new and current customers. This increases customer retention. With loyalty points, the admin can earn the trust of the customer.

Who doesn’t want a loyal customer? Knowband store is a one-stop solution for all your eCommerce store issues. With Loyalty points, the Opencart extension by Knowband helps your customer getting a satisfying customer experience.

  • The customers get different reward points based on many conditions set by the admin.
  • The Loyalty points can be offered for Sign-Ups, first-order, etc.
  • Upgrades conversions and customer experience

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5.     Improve checkout experience with One Page Checkout


Ecommerce stores that have a one-page checkout allow their customers to make fewer clicks than their customers to check out a store that has a multi-page checkout. It seems simpler than multi-step checkout which makes it user-friendly and augments the customer experience.

The concept of a one-page checkout can initially seem easier to complete, as fewer steps will appeal to time-conscious customers. Some key features of One-page checkout by OpenCart are:

  • Saves Customers time with a faster loading speed
  • Improves Conversion rate
  • Appealing appearance of the user interface attracts more customer
  • Comes with social login options

Knowband’s One-page checkout for Opencart is one of the best-sellers as it improves the online shopping experience and conversions. Also, it reduces the abandoned cart rate.

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6.     Build Mobile Application for OpenCart website

OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband comes with many distinct features. Its User-friendly interface makes it a must-buy OpenCart extension for your OpenCart store.

Give your customers a better User experience with OpenCart’s Mobile App builder


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7.     Allow them to sign in with Social Login

A registration form looks boring and discourages your customer from making the checkout. With social login options, you can now motivate your customer to log in quickly on the OpenCart store. Social Loginizer extension for OpenCart by Knowband comes with 8 different login options including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


  • Increases registration with more precise data
  • Decreases fraud or fake logins
  • The data can be utilized in email marketing
  • Its dynamic UI boosts customer experience

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8.     Customers can Save for Later with Advance Wish List


Advance Wish List / Save for Later – OpenCart Extensions allows users to move the product from cart to wishlist. Sometimes customer changes their mind while shopping and they move their products to the wishlist. This extension allows your customer to do so in just one click. This extension increases customer experience and customer retention.

  • Allows customer to maintain a private wishlist
  • Admin and analyze the product demands with statistical data available on the backend
  • Advance Wish List / Save for Later – OpenCart Extensions by Knowband allows the customer to move their favorite product to the wishlist which they can buy later. This way it increases the customer experience.

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9.     Easier to find the right fit with Product Size Chart


How can a product size chart be helpful to improve the eCommerce customer experience? Maximum product return is observed in the clothing industry. This takes extra effort and time of the store owner. Stop wasting your time and add this Knowband’s OpenCart Product Size Chart – Extension to your store which can help you create multiple size charts and map them to the product pages. This Opencart product size chart module offers a user-friendly interface

  • It helps you create multiple size charts and map them to the product pages.
  • Store admin can also map the size chart with a Manufacturer.
  • Admin can add images, HTML content, text, and guidelines for supporting the size chart.

A product with perfect fit and quality will give joy to your customers and will jack up the customer experience.

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10.  Customers feel valued with Better Thank You page


Knowband’s Better Thankyou Page extension for the Opencart store turns your usual order success page into a marketing page where you can show relevant items to consumers along with a discount coupon for their next purchase. The Better thank you page benefits the user and the store merchant in many ways:

  • Encourage Cross-selling on the thank you page
  • Use Thank you page to collect Feedback or you can add promotional banners with greetings.
  • With Knowband’s Better Thank you page, ensure Customer Retention by offering a Coupon Code which will anyway add to the better customer experience.

Also, check out our other OpenCart extensions for your eCommerce store which can help you increase customer retention and customer engagement.

As things are moving in eCommerce, many shopping websites are creating their marketplaces. If you are giving it a thought then OpenCart Marketplace Plugin can be the right choice. It has a separate admin panel and seller dashboards to manage customers, orders, and inventories. Click here to get a better understanding of the features that you should consider before selecting the marketplace plugin.

For any eCommerce solutions, you can always rely on our expert team. Drop us an email at and our team will get in touch with you right away.

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