3 Amazing OpenCart Extensions to Expand your Business Miraculously

You are undoubtedly harnessing the power of the Internet to run, manage and market your company, whether you are a new startup or an existing business. It makes it possible for you to spend more of your time and energy on development by simplifying and streamlining those aspects.

A business requires a large audience, superior customer experience, and of course a system that eliminated their extra efforts while shopping. If you are looking for the best way to stand out, here are three extensions for the OpenCart store that you can consider using that will help you expand your company online.

1. Transform your website into a Multi-Vendor marketplace

Are your visitors not converting? Suspecting a higher bounce rate on your OpenCart store? You can think about selling on different marketplaces or you can transform your OpenCart website into a multi-vendor marketplace. Marketplace sales of goods can be highly profitable for brands and online sellers.


It’s quick to set up an account and you get immediate (theoretical) access to large numbers of prospective clients. The marketplace offers several products over one platform and that attracts customers as well as sellers.

Convert your store into an OpenCart Marketplace just like the one designed for handloom and handicraft products: ‘The Central Cottage Industries Emporium’ and take your business to new heights.

2. Start selling customized products in your store

Customized products are not new to the market, but as more and more businesses incorporate personalized features in their products, they are adding an extra advantage.

People prefer to find something distinct. To create perfect personalization at all times, use the software, and do unique and innovative things, such as implementing new informative fonts and colors.

Bear in mind that not all consumers want the same things. Customer satisfaction is naturally improved by the opportunity to tailor or personalize their experience or product.

Get innovative, and always search for ways to increase the experience of the brand for each of your clients or customers.

3. Offer booking and rental services on your OpenCart store


You can start with this too! Renting things is not new. Start with products like furniture, costumes, or anything that can be rented. You can even rent cars, bikes, and apartments by using Rental software developed for the OpenCart store.

Booking for the hotel room, making a table reservation at restaurants, or book an appointment with the dentist, all can be done with one tool.  Terms and conditions and discount settings can be added by the eCommerce shop retailer. The Booking and Rental Extension for OpenCart provide dynamic pricing features as well.

Have a look at the demo store of the OpenCart Booking and Rental system.


I have listed these three extensions because all these services are needed for providing a personalized shopping experience to your customers. After the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are on the verge of dying and these extensions can save your eCommerce business. Also, if you are already making enough money from your OpenCart store then adding these extensions will help you expand your business.

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Vishakha Nathani

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