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Various statistics and practices suggest that it is not convenient to order on the OpenCart platform. Extra clicks and steps to order the products just make the ordering process harder. Most customers would give up their items in a shopping cart and leave your web. This adversely affects the conversion rate of your online shop.

To solve this dilemma, the “KnowBand” team of developers has built an excellent One Page Checkout module. This module offers versatile features and has a strong device setup. With only a few taps, you can simplify the checkout registration page to only 1-3 fields, or render it as you need to consider the module’s capabilities.

This responsive checkout module is one of the modules that any store should have to thrive and not lose its customers.

Options for Fast Login

A long registration form is a key reason behind the abandonment of the cart. But with One Page Checkout, users can register in a few easy steps.

Social login for opencart one page checkout

Social Login: Fast Checkout allows users to log in via their Facebook, Google or PayPal accounts via a social login feature. These login options save a lot of time that could have been spent on a lengthy registration process. It enhances the experience of the customer and increases the number of registrations.

Guest Checkout: One Page Fast Checkout Module, let users check out as a guest if they don’t feel comfortable logging in. Social login, on the other hand, improves user engagement and offers up-to-date customer information.

Autofill Address and Auto-detection Country

This alluring feature of a one-page checkout module makes it a good choice as it extracts the address from existing data in your Google browser and auto-detects the customer’s country using a geolocation integration function. It decreases the time for the address to be filled.

The layout of the Checkout Page

The responsive One Page Checkout Extension for OpenCartallows the store administrator to pick the Interface Template for the Checkout Page. The admin may choose the 1-Column, 2-Column, or 3-Column layout for the checkout tab. The admin will determine the width of the columns to optimize the checkout page.

Layout design for OpenCart One Page Checkout

Reposition the Fields

The OpenCart Checkout page layout has this special option of drag and drop. You can place any field on any column by dragging it. It is simple to reposition the fields with this module and you can customize the layout look.

Reduction of Entries

Fast Single Page Checkout is a compacted version of a multi-step checkout with a reduced number of entries. A one-page checkout module with minimal mandatory fields and no additional data input options. Any of the areas could be left optional to minimize time.

Email Integration

The OpenCart Fast Checkout Module provides integration with MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue that enables you to automatically synchronize the database of your users with your accounts without any manual effort.


The OpenCart Simplified Checkout module provides the Ship2Pay functionality, which allows the store owner to map unique payment methods using selected delivery methods. It hides all other payment methods when choosing a specific method of delivery and displays only those payment methods which are mapped to the chosen method of delivery to the customer.

Ship2Pay for Opencart One Page Checkout

Free shipping bars

Offering free shipping has many advantages, such as improved sales and increased average order for carts. It allows more consumers to buy as many users have quit the cart due to additional shipping charges. A free shipping bar will be shown at the top of the eligibility list. It allows consumers to buy more to get a free shipping deal.

Responsive Single Page Checkout

Responsive checkout page helps to increase the conversion rate & also improves the user experience on mobile devices. The Single Page Checkout extension for  OpenCart is mobile responsive.

Conclusion: A long and bulky type of checkout is one of the key reasons for the abandonment of a shopping cart. When a shopper is on the checkout tab, the process needs to be finished as quickly as possible. The longer you get your customers to sit down, the higher the chances of leaving the cart. The KnowBand developer team offers you an excellent solution for your business: a module that every OpenCart web store requires. Don’t waste time – just buy the smart and responsive One Page Checkout module and evaluate all its benefits.

Get Single Page Checkout Extension for your OpenCart store:

This extension is also available at the Official OpenCart Marketplace

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