Offer Birthday Coupons to Your PrestaShop Customers And Win their Loyalty


The best way to keep customers is to delight them and create an emotional bond with them. The Prestashop Birthday Coupon addon will assist you in forming a bond with your loyal customers. Coupons are a perfect way to supplement your online marketing efforts. Although these discounts or deals can go unnoticed at times, the personalized message will easily capture the attention of consumers. You can now expand the scope of your eCommerce store with email wishes.

Give special promo codes to customers to wish them a happy birthday. On a specific date, the module will send out emails with warm greetings and discounts. Not only for your customers but also for your brand, birthdays can be a real treat. Take the time to build campaigns that will make the customers feel good on their special day.

PrestaShop Birthday Coupon Addon

Send emails to customers on their birthdays using PrestaShop Birthday Coupon addon. The email triggers may be sent on the birthday itself, or a few days before or after their birthday. Also, send them an email congratulating them on their one-year anniversary of account formation.

This is one of the ways to keep in touch with your customers and give them a reason to come back to your shop. As a result, it’s an excellent tool for consumer satisfaction and providing promotional deals on special occasions.

Give it a glance! The Birthday Coupon Addon to send unique and customized emails. The Birthday Coupon module is also available on the PrestaShop Addon store.

Key features of PrestaShop Birthday Coupon addon

Some of the best features of this amazing addon are compiled here for your reference.


Easy coupon creation: The Prestashop Birthday coupon addon makes it simple for the administrator to generate coupons or gift vouchers. As a token of gratitude, you can give a discount on the next purchase or a free product. In just a few simple steps, you can set the discount number, percentage, and free gifts. You may also specify how long the coupons will be valid.

Choose the event: With the Prestashop birthday vouchers module, you can send email triggers for two separate occasions. You can submit it on the customers’ birthdays or when their accounts have been open for a year. In either case, the coupons and emails can be created and personalized in a few simple steps.

Simple email configuration: The Prestashop birthday coupon addon comes with a variety of default email templates to choose from. The administrator can also personalize the emails and make any adjustments he or she wants. You can submit your wishes in a variety of languages thanks to the multilingual compatibility.

Restriction rules: You can limit which countries can take advantage of the deals as required. You may also eliminate categories that you don’t want to give discounts on. All you have to do now is choose the groups to which the restrictions will be applied.

Statistical Analysis: The administrator has access to the whole marketing strategy report. Both graphical and tabular representations of the coupons produced and their status are available.

Benefits offered by Birthday Coupon Addon

  1. Make your customers feel special on their special day to establish a personal bond.
  2. On their birthdays, giving a personalized experience to customers will enhance brand loyalty.
  3. Customers shop more from the online store if they receive free coupons on their birthday.
  4. They can find it easier to complete their purchase with the ready-to-use coupon codes.

Add Birthday Coupon Module to surprise your customers with offers and discounts!

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