How to Overcome Language and Currency Barriers while Selling (Online) Globally


Language is the means of communication and currency is the medium through which we buy and purchase things. While selling globally, your website’s language can become a barrier if the visitor does not understand its default language.

However, because many visitors and prospects come from countries where most people at school learn English, it is necessary to take steps to resolve language barriers. The language switch and currency conversion functionality let you sell globally and build a connection with the buyers.

There is a surge in the demand for virtual assistants and offshore business support. There has been a 95% growth in demand for virtual assistant services in the past few years. But, small businesses holding back from taking the step towards business growth.

One of the main worries about preventing people from using a virtual assistant is the idea that, because of language and cultural barriers, they would fail to interact with someone from another world. Hence, auto-switch language and currency converters play a pivotal role in business growth.

The benefit of having a multi-lingual website with auto currency change functionality

Showing a website in the targeted country’s native language can help boost the product page’s SEO. Auto-Switch language and currency will be advantageous to expand your business globally.

The platform should always be available in the native language when selling to a buyer unless the product is in high demand and the customer has no other means of having it.

Here are some tips that overcome the language and currency barrier while selling your products on eCommerce internationally.

Auto-switch language and currency software

One of the easiest ways to save time and money while selling products online is to get a module that can help you auto-switch language and currency. But, sometimes translation does lose the real essence of the content. That is not the case with eCommerce. The product description should be clear and simple and that can be achieved with the translation module.

#1- Speak the language they know

The most widely used language in the e-commerce world is indeed English. People in countries such as Norway and Sweden also do not mind shopping on English-language websites. But, there are a variety of nations and millions of people who are afraid to read or speak in English.

For your international customers, improve their comfort and convenience and save them the inconvenience of third-party translation resources. Use language for local consumers that are plain, insightful, and sounds native.

#2- You don’t have to cover every language

In all foreign languages, you do not have to localize. That would be needless and too costly. In the new markets you are entering, you just need to concentrate on a few languages that are primarily used.

Initially, you can have the translation for a wider audience in several languages just to analyze the traffic. For instance, if your online store unexpectedly gets hundreds of new customers who prefer using French as the default language, you might need to consider localizing the next one in French.

#3- Navigate them to the landing page

Some studies have shown that it often has a positive effect on your sales if you redirect your visitors automatically to a local landing page. Not just that, it also raises profits. The easiest way to boost your customer’s experience is to guide them to your website’s translated edition.

In other words, your online store’s navigation bar, menu, tabs, buttons, or links should have a version in your current target customers’ preferred language. It is important to localize the product reviews (or local buyers should be encouraged to post their reviews). Also, make sure to give the customer support options in their preferred language.

#4- Let them buy in their currency

Show prices in various currencies, even if you can not accept payment in all of them. Without having to make an extra effort and resort to a currency converter, this information will give your customers an idea of the price.

Payment method: do some research in a given country on the most common payment method. This is going to instill trust in your international clients. They may be cautious about safety if they see payment methods that they are not especially familiar with.

#5- Focus on Design

check the preferences for cultural design. Not only will it boost your product’s credibility, but it will also enhance the experience of the shopper. When you translate a website, you may have to make some adjustments, such as some German words may be slightly longer than the English ones, so you may have to tweak the design a bit.

Auto-Switch Language and Currency Converter: an end to linguistic misery!

Translate every word with one powerful module designed for your eCommerce store that converts the content into different languages, which will open you up to the world. Whenever you are stuck with non-native languages, KnowBand’s Language Switch and Currency Converter is a great and prolific tool. All you need to do is implement our tool into your website and you will be able to easily translate all or relevant parts of your website!

How does Auto-Switch language and Currency Converter Module Works? It auto-switch the currency on your store. For each multi-language eCommerce shop, it’s a real must-have! In their native currency, clients enjoy seeing prices. When setting up a store, you can set the default language and currency country-wise.

If a customer is visiting your website from Poland then, it will display the products in Polish and their native currency. This improves the user experience and provides a personalized user experience. The addon is an ideal tool to connect eCommerce stores to various currencies and make them more user-friendly. The admin needs to add the language and currency from the store back-office. Our module displays the language and currency as per the settings.

Click on the links below to explore the Auto-Switch Language and Currency Translator Module:

Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency – Prestashop Addons

Auto-Switch Language and Currency – Magento 2 ® Extensions

Auto-Switch Language and Currency – Magento ® Extensions

Auto Switch Language and Currency – Opencart Extensions

Several eCommerce modules are available for all the major eCommerce platforms such as PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart.

Conclusion: The reality is that by understanding how cultural differences can affect communication, understanding, workflow, and efficiency, there are ways to get on the front foot and minimize these concerns. You can conquer these obstacles with a little legwork, knowledge, and strong processes and nurture an empowered and efficient support team.

Write to us at and we will be more than pleased to share with you the Auto-switch Language and Currency Translator and its features!

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