PrestaShop Back in Stock Module- Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales

Notify customers when products are back in stock, and your PrestaShop revenue will increase quickly. Use the PrestaShop Back in Stock module to start recapturing missing revenue. Send notifications to consumers as soon as the products return to stock. It takes just 5 minutes to set up. PrestaShop Back-in-Stock – Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales […]

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Top 10 Opencart Extensions to Boost Customer Experience

Better customer experience can increase customer retention. The sole requirement that every business owner has is that the buyer returns to the site after making a single transaction. Thanks to Knowband! It provides some excellent extensions for your eCommerce store which can enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience. 10 Customer experience solutions for your OpenCart […]

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Customer retention strategies and modules

Customer Retention Modules to Increase Your Repeat Sales and Profits on PrestaShop Store

Strategies for customer retention allow you to both provide and gain more benefits from your current customer base. For any e-commerce company, attracting new customers is an ultimate objective and maintaining existing ones forms a foundation for long-term success. You might have heard again and again that attracting a new customer is more of a […]

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What’s new with Mailchimp AI integration: An Insight

AI is the fastest-growing tech industry and recently, Mailchimp added some striking features and updates to make the customer journey smarter with some smart solutions. They quoted this press release with the tagline, ‘If you’ve got big goals, we’ve got big updates’. There are millions of businesses registered and customer data of billions are available […]

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Six-Types-of-eCommerce-Customers and how to satisfy customers

Six Types of eCommerce Customers and How to Satisfy Them: Pro Tips

Online shopping is increasing, and customers who are enamoured with eCommerce sites spend countless hours researching the goods they want. There are some very popular quotes which make shopping, therapy, cardio or a hobby. It makes evident just how fixated people can be. There are many different types of eCommerce customers, therefore business owners need […]

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