OpenCart Delivery Boy App and Mobile App Success Story of Lokale Winkels


Converting an idea into a working mobile app requires commitment, testing, and unwavering efforts to make it big in the world of the mobile application growth. In the nascent mobile app industry, it is possible, yet difficult, to develop a mobile app that is loved and celebrated by millions of users.

However, in order to achieve your objectives, you must find good motivation.

To inspire you, we have a mobile app success story of Lokale Winkels that will provide you with strong motivation:

Get to know Lokale Winkels

It’s an online marketplace where you can conveniently and quickly find goods from a seller in the area you specify. Once the order is placed, the user can either pick up the item from the vendor or it will be shipped within a couple of days.

Your items are immediately collected in the store and ready for pickup or delivery after you place an order.

They have all the categories listed on their website and a customer will find everything that is required in day-to-day life.

A walkthrough of the successful Mobile App

A mobile app becomes a success story only if it is completely responsive and is well navigated. The Mobile App designed by KnowBand for Lokale Winkels is fully-featured and gives a satisfying user experience to the user.

1.     Mobile App’s Look and feel match the website’s theme

The mobile app has the brand logo and customized design that matches the original theme and design of the Lokale Winkels website.

Theme look and feel of mobile app

2.      Login for customers and sellers

There are separate login options for both customer and the seller. The mobile app user can successfully log in via email address or they can sign up using their social media accounts like Facebook or Google+.

seller and customer login in mobile app

3.      Menu tab with several clear actions

The mobile app has easy to understand menu tab with clear navigation for various pages like blog, contact, etc.

Menu tab on mobile app

4.      Customers can visit the individual sellers’ profile

All the registered seller profiles can be visited by the mobile app user. A customer can order the product from the product page or by visiting the individual seller profile.

Individual seller profile of marketplace seller

5.      Adding products to the cart is super easy

Every customer who is using a mobile app can easily add the products to their shopping cart. It has a clear CTA and also an easy button to update the product quantity.

Shopping cart of mobile app

-> Click here to explore the Mobile App Builder Module for the OpenCart platform.

A short tour of Delivery boy Mobile App

With the success of the Mobile App, Lokale Winkels also build their delivery boy mobile app to manage the deliveries hassle-free. It has several functionalities for the delivery person.

1.      Delivery Boy Login

A quick and easy login for the delivery boy can be done using Delivery Boy Mobile App. Most of the individuals face issues in remembering the password. To combat that situation, the user can save the registration credentials by clicking on the ‘remember me’ checkbox.

Delivery boy login

In case the delivery boy forgets the password then it can be recovered by the ‘Forgot Password?’ option given on the same login page.

2.      Assigned, In-progress, and Delivered

The delivery boy app has clear navigation for the delivery person. Who is assigned with the order and the status of the order can be tracked?

Location Map

This also shows the final status ‘The Order is delivered!’

3.      Google Maps for location tracking

To deliver the order successfully, it is important to know the exact location of the customer. Delivery boy will be able to track the location by using the integrated Google Maps.

4.      Admin Interface of Delivery Boy App

The store administrator can add several delivery boys, and the delivery boy’s login credentials will be emailed to him. The store administrator can monitor and manage all deliveries from a single admin screen, making it easy to keep track of all orders.

OpenCart Delivery Boy App has several features for admin and the delivery boy agent. All the orders can be tracked by both. In case a delivery boy denies the assigned delivery task, he has to provide a valid reason for the same. The Delivery Boy App for Android and iOS is completely native and will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In conclusion, the above mobile app success story perfectly illustrates KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder module and the Delivery Boy Mobile App and how useful they are to the seller, customer, and delivery boy. It allows the admin to manage the marketplace with ease. The OpenCart Mobile Apps are multi-lingual compatible with the fastest One Page Checkout integrated into it. It makes inventory management super handy with its robust real-time synchronization feature. KnowBand offers 24*7 support to the client and helps you with the complete customization of the mobile app.

Explore OpenCart Mobile App Builder Module: Click Here

Explore OpenCart Delivery Boy App: Click Here


To explore the mobile app, you can visit the KnowBand store. For, any mobile app requirements or queries you can write to us at

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