6 Things Every M-Commerce Store Needs to be Sure of Before Getting Started

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The initiation of a mobile app in order to promote the eCommerce store is one of the latest trend followed by store owners. It is one of the most propounding analysis that is proven to be more effective than desktop sites. The eCommerce store owners are ready to pace heavy bet in order to grow the web stores and improve store popularity. The launching of a mobile app is something which must be taken care of by the web store owners. They need to research on several factors before making sure, how they want their mobile app to look like.

The eCommerce store owners can easily launch the mobile app for their web store by making use of Mobile app creator. The module can easily assist the web store owner to launch the mobile app without any technical assistance. It is one of the simplest steps in the launch of the mobile app. The tough part is making it viable for the customer to make use. The establishment of a stable and successful mobile app that can be a strong demonstration of the web store and the customers are likely to engage themselves with the mobile app.

The eCommerce store owner needs to make some strong decisions which can help the web store owners for successful mCommerce establishment. In order to get through the tough part where the web store owners may go in the wrong direction, the following points discuss below may help the store owners to get a better insight of the features that must be included in the web store, so that it would be a better experience for the customers and help the web store to reach out to customers through the mobile app.

1. A better platform

Better Platform

One of the important factor that must be considered in mind before launching the mobile app is the selection of the extension in which the mobile app must perform. There is a list of various extensions such as Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify which can be opt by the eCommerce store owners to set their mobile app. If we take a better look at the statistics we can see that the use of Magento as the platform for most of the store is quite popular. It covers almost 25% of the market, hence has the better chances of providing better assistance and chances of growth to the eCommerce store owners. Therefore, the web store owner needs to make a survey what they want to improvise in their web store as all these extensions have different features and which may be helpful in one or other way depending upon the owner’s preferences.

2. Admin control

Mobile Admin Control

The eCommerce mobile app maker makes sure that the store owners has full design control. The web admin interface helps them customize the application as per the requirement. The total control of the admin panel is with the owner, therefore, they need to make sure about the inclusion of various options in the control section. Admin panel holds one of the strongest point in the better working of the web store, it acts as the backend from where the owner can control every functioning of the web store using the mobile app. Therefore, the owners must take a better look at some of the other mobile apps and their functioning so that they are able to decide what they want to incorporate in the admin panel of their mobile app. The better options that the owner provides from the admin end will highly affect the customer satisfaction on the mobile app.

3. Mobile apps flow

Mobile app flow

The flow of mobile app holds an important process, as they are one of the building block of the interaction between the mobile app and the customers. The owner must have a profound understanding about the basic layout about the mobile app. Right from the homepage where the owner wants the customer to look at the content and its presentation. The owner needs to decide the utility of various applications on the mobile app which may affect the customer’s behavior on the store. The placement of order, delivery assistance, checkout options apps like this highly affect the conversion rate on the mobile app, thus, a clear insight will help in making the better availability of these options.

4. Back up care

Backup Care

Mobile app development is meant to fulfill a specific cause. If a web store owner is launching a mobile app than they must be sure about the future prospects of the app. The performance of the mobile app is one of the concern for the store owners. As the time passes, there may be some instances where the customers might face difficulty in accessing the mobile app r the performance of the mobile app may go down. In this case, the web store owners need to take proper care of the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

5. Marketing

Marketing | Mobile App Marketing

The launch of a mobile app is not an assurance for the web store owners that it is going to be a huge success. In order to drag the customers to the mobile app, the eCommerce store owners need to make several changes. They need to throw multiple offers and gifts using the mobile app. This will make the mobile app more engaging and better. The mobile app serve as a better medium of marketing of the web store. The web store can incorporate various sections and categories in the mobile app, which may be able to attract the customer’s attention and at the same time be able to encourage them to make a purchase using the mobile app.

6. Freedom to Design


Your mobile app should be as per your choice. The designing and configuration of the mobile app play a vital role in luring users to your store. You must be sure about the home page layout of a mobile app as it is the very first thing user experiences on opening the app. All the top products and deals must be highlighted on the main screen of the app. Also, you must go for the automated eCommerce mobile app module which comes with the full flexibility to adjust the home screen and color options based on various themes and occasions.


Over to You

The mCommerce has brought a revolution to the eCommerce world. With the better feature and engaging content advantages of mobile apps are more likely to reach out to the customers and make them shop more from the web store.

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