How can Mobile Apps improve your business chances?

How can mobile apps improve your business chances? | Knowband

With changing landscape of online business, mobile apps have gained much significance than before. The quick surge in the use of mobile devices around the world have made these mobile apps an indispensable part of online business activities. Moreover, as per a recent report of App Annie, a research firm that offers insight about mobile app usage has put forward certain amazing facts regarding utilizing mobile apps for online business. These crucial facts are described below:

  • According to the report, the revenues generated from global mobile apps will surge to $51 billion in the year 2016.
  • The rate of global mobile app downloads will increase significantly and will reach upto 284 billion by year 2020.
  • Mobile app stores will see a significant increase in their growth by the end of year 2020, while Google Play will reach the mark of 166 billion along with the market share of iOS which will raise to the level of 35.2 billion.

The impact of mobile apps on an online business can’t be ignored at all with the above startling facts. If you are still not active in the direction of mobile app development, you will have to bear the harsh business consequences. Let us understand the importance of mobile apps in an online business environment for better conversions and sales.

They offer more value to targeted customers-

Mobile apps comes as a brilliant way to target customers and improve business fortunes without any hassle. Store owners can give more importance to their targeted customers by providing loyalty programs through mobile apps to boost customer engagement and sales. You can also offer dedicated offers and rewards to your mobile customers for improving the sales and revenue of your business. Particularly, eCommerce mobile apps are more capable to bring more sales and customers for their online business.

Mobile apps helps in boosting the brand value of a company-

Due to the increased usage of mobile devices globally, businesses have a higher chances of reaching out to their targeted customers through engaging mobile apps. If you are having a PrestaShop site, it is now easier to transform it into an appealing PrestaShop mobile app through the help of this PrestaShop Mobile App Builder plugin from Knowband store. In this way, by having a deeper reach among your targeted customers, site can enhance their brand value and popularity to a great extent.

Mobile apps offer better user experience to customers-

It is often seen that customers are reluctant to make an online purchase due to the complicated user experience offered on a site. Considering the challenges experienced by customers, mobile apps offer a better user experience due to the presence of numerous features and functionalities in a mobile device. Mobile app developers can take the help of features like GPS, camera, NFC and other such components for providing appealing push up notifications about new offers, deals and products, geo- location based offers for customers, online payment facility and others for providing a better user experience for targeted customers.

It helps in effective marketing of your online business-

The importance of marketing can’t be denied in a business environment due to the increasing competition in every business segment. By creating an amazing OpenCart mobile app with the help of OpenCart Mobile App Builder module, it is now easy to improve the marketing of your OpenCart site. You can easily integrate various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In  and others with your mobile app for enhancing your marketing and promotional strategies.

Mobile apps helps in building customer engagement and sales-

With the help of mobile apps, it is now much easier to stay engaged with your customers irrespective of the location of your desktop. These apps help in delivering better customer engagement and sales for any business due to ease of mobile connectivity with the company. Especially, in case of eCommerce stores, mobile apps can encourage customers for a quick product purchase and can improve sales to a great extent.

If you are trying to take your business to new level of business engagement, mobile apps need to be included in your business expansion plans. They are helpful in improving the user experience, conversion rates and sales of a business to a great extent. So, create amazing OpenCart mobile app and PrestaShop mobile app for your website to grab higher conversions and sales.

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