eCommerce Mobile Apps: Just a Fad or an unavoidable Trend?

eCommerce Mobile Apps: Just a Fad or an unavoidable Trend?

With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile users, it has become an inevitable need for the online sellers to upgrade their businesses to the mobile devices. This is one of the factors, if ignored, can lead to very high losses. This required a lot of effort and time of the store owners earlier. Tapping the customer base that are using mobile devices for shopping purpose was quite a task for the store owners a while ago.

In order to make sure that the Prestashop site owners are well connected to their customers, Knowband has come up with Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module. This module helps the Prestashop site owners to build mobile app for their business with minimum effort and in no time.

If you are a Prestashop site owner and struggling to connect to your customers then this plugin might change the complete scenario for you. It will help you grow your business and allow you to provide an engaging platform for all your customers.

Let us discuss some of the salient features of Prestashop Mobile App Builder.

Increased Traffic

increased traffic

According to a survey by Statista, “Around 150 billion Apps were downloaded in 2016”. It is evident that the purchase behavior of the online shoppers are shifting towards mobile apps. Therefore, eCommerce sellers need to understand the urgency of the situation. The mobile app are one of the best ways to lure the customers to your web store. As the number of mobile users are more, hence, traffic on web store in increased considerably. The mobile app builder helps create an alluring app for your business. The flawless application is an effective way to tap the customer base who are shopping via the handheld devices. Moreover, the attractive themes and the seamless procedure ensures customer retention. Hence, if you are looking to double your store’s traffic, then, this is surely one of the ways to achieve your target.

Interactive Platform

interactive platform

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder addon provides an interactive platform for the mobile users. It is provided with multiple theme layouts, fonts, designs and graphics. All these features helps in making your app more engaging and enables seller to connect with the customers easily. The voice search facility of the Android mobile app makes the app even more mesmerizing. It provides the user for better product option.



A large portion of mobile users use Android while many prefer iOS and Windows too. Prestashop Mobile App plugin is designed in such a way that it is compatible with multiple devices and platforms. It helps the eCommerce seller to connect with their users, irrespective of the device that they are using or the platform on which their device works.

Easy Synchronization

easy synchronization

The module provides with easy synchronization between the mobile app and the Prestashop Store. The mobile app is made to support all types products that are available in the eCommerce store. The mobile app builder makes the products easily accessible to the customers. In addition to a smooth transaction, the app supports all sorts of payment and shipping methods. Thus, you are provide multiple choices to your customers and ensure best shopping experience.

Additional Features

additional featuresThe Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module comes with a number of additional features. It enables the customer to view all the products from a particular seller. It even enables to customers to view and write the reviews for the products. The product review and ratings can help them to a great extent in determining the other customer’s experiences with the product. The retina ready display of the app allows the visitors to take a clear look at the product images, thus, aiding their purchase intentions.

The Social Login feature makes it easier for the customers to sign up in the mobile app. Knowband’s Prestashop Mobile App Builder is compatible with multiple social media login options including Facebook and Google+. Thus, it provides the customer easy login and shopping experience.

Technical benefits

The Mobile App Builder plugin is easy to run, understand and use. It doesn’t require much technical knowledge for the store owners to run the mobile app on their own. The Knowband team has made it easier for Prestashop owners to have a mobile app. All you need to do is to buy the Mobile App Builder module and enable it on your Prestashop store. Then, provide the development team with some basic information about the design layout of your mobile app.

The development team will customize the mobile store according to your demand. The apk of the application will be provided to you and you are all set to release your mobile app on Google Play Store.

Over to you

The trend of online marketing is changing every day and mobile apps are definitely a better means to stay connected to your customers. Thus, the sellers must stay in line with the basic mCommerce Consideration in order to optimize their growth.

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