5 Ways to Control the Exit Rate from your Website

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The visitor’s behavior when it comes to shopping online is quite unpredictable. The customer may wish to stay in the web store as long as they are able to connect with various aspects of the website. Once they lose touch of the contents provided offered by the store, they may not be interested in staying any longer. At this point, it becomes important for the eCommerce owners to keep the customers stay put in the web store. To do this they need to use various approaches and methods.

The exit rate of the customers in a website is one of the biggest concerns for the eCommerce companies. According to a study, about 65% of the customers exit the website after browsing a few pages. These figures are quite scary for a website owner as they are losing a major portion of their sales with these customers and the effective number of conversions of the website is also going down. Thus, an immediate need to control these exit rate from the website needs to be made by the web store owners.

There is no particular reason for the exit rates of the website, but a decent efforts can be made by them to control those numbers and try to get the customers back to the store. It is never an easy task to lure back a customer back to the store after they have decided to exit. The website must try to provide them with some strong motive, so that, they may feel like taking another look to the website or try other features. With some decent efforts and better approach the owner may be able to get back a decent number of customers back to the stores who had decided to exit.

The below discussed are some ways in which the exit rate of a website can be controlled.

Optimizing the website content

Optimize the Website Content

One of the important point that strikes the website owner’s mind after seeing a large number of exit rates in the website is the optimization of website. Yes, the main problem may be the website contents. The customers will only entertain themselves with the website as long as they understand the contents and are in the same page as the website but as soon as the communication gap rises the customer starts to move apart, eventually leaving the website. Therefore, a better option would be to optimize the website for better engagement. The number of CTA, their positioning, images, ALT images all these features play a great role in engaging the customer hence optimizing the website may help in lowering the exit rates.

Exit surveys

Exit Survey

Exit surveys are also of great importance and helps the store owners to know the exact reasons of the cause of the customers exit. The website may use attractive pop ups in order to get customer’s reasons of leaving. Exit surveys provide essential information about the level of satisfaction with your company’s products, prices or the website’s UX, loading speed and many more things. The websites may use the survey results to reduce the exit rates by making use of branching logic. This process requires to engage the customers and convince them to convert by throwing lights on the positive aspects of the website. The exit surveys are found to serve the purpose of knowing the reason of customer’s dissatisfaction with the website, so that the services can be improved and the exit rate may be controlled in the near future. Therefore, the classic surveys won’t help you to improve the exit rates of your pages unless you won’t use scenarios with branching logic.

Website performance

website performance

There is almost a drop in 7% of the conversion rates of the website due to 1 sec delay in page load. This shows the urgency to improve the website performance. In the era of online marketing the options are multiple, the customers need not to wait for any longer in order to make a purchase. If the websites can’t provide them with efficient and fast results than they are likely to move out. This makes it one of the possible reason of the high exit rates. Thus, the websites needs to be timely checked for the performance and their seed. If the response rate is being delayed somehow than the web store needs to check it out.

Exit pop ups

Exit Popup

One of the efficient way to control the exit rates is by using the interactive exit intent pop up. The exit pop ups are designed in such a way that when the customers tend to exit the store, these pops up in their screen. The exit pop ups are filled with attractive offers and discounts for the customer, which the customers can utilize and avail. Shopify spin and win is one such example for attractive exit pop-ups for the Shopify stores. Such gamified pop-ups are even available for other platforms such as Prestashop, Magento and others. The wheelio curbs the exit-intent of the customers by offering various alluring giveaways. This is definitely one of the surefire ways to make the customers reconsider their exit and motivate them to place the order instead.

A/B testing

A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the important solution to all the conversion related problems today. The website owner needs to know the specific reasons where the website is not performing. In this efforts, the website owner can make use of A/B testing approach. Usually, it’s better to start testing the pages from the bottom part of the funnel as you’ll see changes in revenue more clearly. If it’s a successful change you’ll get more sales and a bonus. On the other hand, if the test fails, you won’t lose too much, because it’s just a test and you included only a sample of traffic.

Over to You

The exit rates of the website can lead to some unwanted results. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate exit rates causes by using better approaches and optimizing the website for better results.

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