Tips to improve sales on your eCommerce stores

Tips to improve sales on your eCommerce stores

The growth and expansion of any business be it offline and online is dependent on the conversions achieved in a particular time period. In the case of eCommerce stores, the conversions are usually referred to as product sales done on a site. No doubt, every store owner can’t succeed in terms of making bumper sales but it is a fact that every eCommerce store owner has a strong urge about making a significant increase in his/her store sales.

If you are not lucky enough in increasing the sales of your online stores, it is time to start looking for an effective remedy of the above problem. A low performing eCommerce site in terms of product sales is of no use and is actually a more of burden if the operational cost of the store is too high. This blog is certainly a big relief for those sales deprived eCommerce store owners who are looking to escape out of the long continuous sales dud.

Provide exciting offers and deals to your customers-

Every online shopper is always in search of exciting shopping offers and deals that could persuade them for a quick product purchase. If your eCommerce store is unable to excite its targeted customers through amazing deals, discounts, shopping offers, free shipping service, gift cards, sales coupon and other such components, it is certainly going to hurt your business fortunes in the long run. Some of the exciting eCommerce plugins from Knowband that can help in this direction are PrestaShop Gift the Product, Magento Share and Win Discount, OpenCart Scratch Coupon, PrestaShop Product Jackpot, Magento Scratch Coupon, PrestaShop Reward Points, OpenCart Push Cart Promotion, Magento Master Deal, PrestaShop Scratch Coupon, OpenCart Deal Timer and much more.

Offer multiple payment and shipping methods for online purchase-

Don’t be adamant while offering payment and shipping options to your customers but try to be more flexible. You need to make a survey among your customers for including the popular payment and shipping options on your online store for ensuring a comfortable online shopping experience. The presence of only selected payment and shopping options also results in higher shopping cart abandonments and bounce rates.

Provide an easy navigation around your site-

Customers now a days are very choosy when it comes to product purchase, they want to look out for a number of products before actually going for the final purchase. In order to offer an easy navigation around your eCommerce website, you need to take the help of a productive heatmap and A/B testing tool like MockingFish that can improve the customer engagement on a site to a great extent.

Remove hurdles from your checkout process-

Due to the scarcity of time with online shoppers, eCommerce stores need to focus on ways to improve the checkout process on their site. They need to remove unnecessary fields and checkout steps that are hampering the quick online product purchase by customers. If you want to manage this critical task through an eCommerce plugin, you can take the help of Knowband modules like Magento One Page Checkout Lite version, OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro, PrestaShop One Page Checkout, OpenCart One Page Checkout, PrestaShop One click checkout (Buy Now), Magento One Page Checkout and other plugins for simplifying the checkout process on an eCommerce site.

Spread the information about the urgency of your offers-

In this competitive business environment, you need to showcase that the advertised offer on your site is much more engaging and is available for a limited offer only. Once, your customers are aware about the urgency and limited availability of your shopping offers, they will be much more eager to purchase from your online store. Store owners can convey this message to their targeted customers in the form of appealing CTA buttons and CTA texts for grabbing higher conversion rates and sales.

So, don’t consider the low sales as the fate of your eCommerce store but make the required corrections with the help of these informative tips. If you are able to make the changes within the stipulated time, you can effortlessly grab more conversion rates and sales for your store. For more updates regarding eCommerce stores, plugins and other related information, do visit our Knowband store at

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