How is OpenCart 2.xx Better Than OpenCart 1.xx?

How is OpenCart 2.xx Better Than OpenCart 1.xx?

There are numerous advancements that are continuing in the field of eCommerce platforms that boost the online shopping experience and sales. OpenCart is such an eCommerce platform that has gained much popularity in the online business environment due to its various packed features and functionalities. This eCommerce software based on PHP language was launched in year 2008 and is an open source platform available for everyone.

This eCommerce platform has come a long way since its stable release as OpenCart 1.1 and numerous features, responsive themes and OpenCart modules have been incorporated in between to grab the required customer engagement. With latest releases of OpenCart 2.xx versions, this eCommerce platform is surely giving a tough fight to its other business competitors. Let us analyze the various features that makes OpenCart 2.xx version quite different from its predecessor 1.xx version.

Comes with a fully responsive mobile design-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Comes with a fully responsive mobile design | Knowband

This new OpenCart 2.xx platform is better than the previous version in terms of its mobile responsive design. It does not only support mobile devices but comes with an amazing fully mobile responsive design. With this feature, OpenCart users will get the same level of interaction and site experience on different devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Integration of bootstrap 3-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Integration of bootstrap 3 | Knowband

With the integration of Bootstrap 3 framework in OpenCart 2.xx version which makes use of HTML, CSS and JS platforms, it is now much easier to use mobile responsive designs, themes and templates. This Bootstrap 3 framework is installed at the core of the platform. Now, OpenCart stores built on the latest OpenCart 2.xx version can ensure sleek, intuitive and powerful interface for their desktop as well as mobile users.

Presence of Font Awesome support-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Presence of Font Awesome support | knowband

OpenCart 2.xx version consists of an advanced CSS font collection of 400+ icons known as Font Awesome for engaging OpenCart site design. Store admin just have to add the required icon class and they are free to use a huge collection of cool icons displayed on their site. This is a remarkable feature that can take the web designing activities to great heights.

Offers an intuitive and user friendly dashboard-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Offers an intuitive and user friendly dashboard | Knowband

This latest OpenCart 2.xx version comes with an interactive dashboard that offers a wide range of services like sale analytics, people online, notice icon and other such features. Users can interact with this interactive admin panel for ensuring a smooth navigation around their site with the help of its vertical menu. These vertical menus located on the left side of the OpenCart platform improves the usability of the OpenCart dashboard for performing important site tasks and activities. Apart from this, it also consists of a Notice icon located at the top right corner of dashboard that provides critical information about new events.

Emergence of Extension Installer feature-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Emergence of Extension Installer feature | Knowband

Adding any extension in the OpenCart platform is now much easier with this improved OpenCart 2.xx version. It consists of an built- in Extension installer feature that helps in simplifying the installation of OpenCart modules and themes. OpenCart store owners don’t have to override files through FTP during the installation process making it much simpler and faster. Once, you have uploaded the theme/extension, the list of all the overridden files will be visible.

With this new Extension Manager, OpenCart site owners don’t have to perform tasks like editing, uploading and replacing files through the FTP for the installation of any OpenCart extension. All this crucial activities can now be performed in a smooth manner with the help of an interactive and user friendly interface of OpenCart platform.

Introduction of MaxMind Fraud Detection System for enhanced security-

How is OpenCart 2.xx better than OpenCart 1.xx- Introduction of MaxMind Fraud Detection System for enhanced security | knowband

This OpenCart 2.xx version comes with an integrated MaxMind Fraud Detection System by default. This is a remarkable system that helps in identifying the risky orders for review purposes. The detection of such orders are done on the basis of high risk IP address, high risk email, high risk device or by anonymizing the proxy settings. For availing the services of this system, users just have to register themselves at MaxMind and then paste the required key in the Fraud settings of the OpenCart 2.xx admin panel.

If you are still using the older version of OpenCart platform, it is definitely the right time to make the maximum business impact by making a transition into this OpenCart 2.xx platform. By taking a close look towards all these features, it can be rightly understood that this latest OpenCart 2.xx version can improve the performance of OpenCart store in a flawless manner. For availing the services of our feature packed extensions for OpenCart store, visit the Knowband site at

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