Simple Approaches to Boost your Sales using Facebook

Boost Sale With facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform with more than 1.5 billion users. It gives a chance to sellers to grow their market using these platforms. Especially for the eCommerce ecosystem, Facebook has a very large user engagement. People, in general, prefer to make a purchase only when they have an easy access to the products. Thus, Facebook is one such platform where eCommerce store owners can connect with their potential buyers.

The sellers need to make proper moves and planned steps to promote their products through Facebook. Social media platforms can really serve the purpose and it provides the eCommerce stores with immense opportunities to grow their market. If you own a web store and want to grow your business using Facebook then this article may help you in finding some of the best methods to approach the customers through Facebook.

Following are some of the ways to promote your brands and products through Facebook.

Facebook Store

FB Store

The Facekbook store is one of the trends for the current eCommerce store owners. Setting up a Facebook store can help the sellers to directly make sales of their products on Facebook. The store works mostly like the web store and has most of the products, offers and deals provided by the original web store. It is a better alternative to marketing, which allows the customers to purchase products from the sellers using the Facebook store. Facebook shop highly boost the conversion, mostly due to the more users. However, syncing the large number of products of the website on the Facebook shop is intimidating for some merchants. Prestashop Facebook store module is one such addon that can help the Prestashop store owners in setting up their shop on the social media platform. Thus, it offers an effective way to target online shoppers on Facebook in just a few simple steps.

FB Ads

Facebook Ads

One of the best method to promote your eCommerce store is through FB ads. It enables the seller to showcase their website’s products through Facebook ads. The web store owners can post an ad on Facebook depending on the behavior of their online shopper. The seller can post ads when they feel it is most likely to be viewed by the visitors. According to a survey, 5:00 PM is the peak period of most number of users present in Facebook. Therefore, the seller can use these ads to promote their store.

FB Album

Facebook Album

To make direct sales from the store is to provide a visual aid with the product. Thus, Shopify site owners can now synchronize their product images to Facebook by using Shopify FB album module. It helps the customers to get an insight of the product before purchasing it. The image proves to be a better option for the customers before making purchase. It has been found out 46% of customers prefer products with images, thus, better chances of conversions.

FB Campaigns

FB campaign

A better approach to keep the visitors informed about the products, offers and discounts is organizing campaigns through Facebook. The web store owners can organize contest and giveaways to the visitors in return for their email ids. It promotes the product and at the same time helps the sellers in increasing their fan base. Thus, the store owners get access to more number of customers. It increases the product visibility as well as the chances of conversions.

FB Sharing

Facebook Sharing

Most of the customers who viewed your products on Facebook has the option to share it. Thus, FB sharing helps the seller in promoting their web store without actually promoting it. The customers have a psychological tendency to buy a certain product after it has been approved or suggested by others. Thus, the FB sharing option comes into play. Customers who liked your product will share it and it enables other to make purchase based upon their responses.


The Social media usage is at peak and if the sellers want to grow their market than ignoring Facebook is worst mistake. In order to promote their store the sellers need to follow the various market trends and adapt effective means to promote their businesses on social media.

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