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Online shoppers have a habit of checking out reviews and opinions of other users before investing in anything. Even when you go to purchase a nail clipper from Amazon, you would see the bulk of customers reviews and opinions. If in case the reviews are all so good, then it takes no time to boost the product’s monetary value. Take the example of this nail clipper being sold on Amazon.

Good product reviews can have direct effect on the pricing of the products.
Good product reviews can have direct effect on the pricing of the products.

The above example explains how a bulk of positive product reviews can determine the pricing of a product. This example is aimed to explain the importance of positive product reviews. Instead it has been given to explain how product reviews are important and how people them very seriously.

Product reviews have become a habit

For every online customer, online product review is not just a piece of information on an eCommerce site, but it a valuable asset that maintains the credibility of decision making without even touching a product from hand. Product reviews have become an integral prat of any eCommerce purchase. It is one of the best ways to gather information about a product, plus one of the best ways to site owners to build trust and credibility among the customers.

It has become a habit of customers to check reviews before any online purchase. And, it is a good habit for sure.

Showing product reviews- using it as a tool for CRO-

With the growing competition in the eCommerce market, every website owner is looking for new ways to engage their customers. In most of the CRO campaigns, a proper focus on online product reviews is an inseparable part. No wise e-store owner would commit the mistake of ignoring product reviews and their role in customers’ decision-making process. Product reviews have always played a great role in Influencing the customer’s decision making and they will continue to do so forever.

Product reviews are not just about products, but other metrics are also analyzed using them. For example, a customer review might not just include his experience with the product, but it might also explain how the shipping services were and in what condition did he get the product. So, a single product review can guide your customers not just about the products but also about your efficacy in providing the shipping services.

How to adopt a better product review system on your eCommerce store?

If you own an OpenCart or a PrestaShop store then you get an effective product review system by default from the first installation itself. In PrestaShop, you might have to install an additional “Product comment” module which is a free module from official PrestaShop itself.

However, having a product review system alone is not enough. You have to encourage your shoppers to write review on your site about their experience with your products. These encouragements can be provided by using the OpenCart Review Incentive extension and PrestaShop Review Booster module. These modules are competent to encourage the customers to write reviews by providing them offers and discounts on their next purchase. You can use these modules for your review boosting campaign if you are planning to latch on reviews for better conversion rates on your eCommerce stores.

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