How can Sellers Improve their Sales in an eCommerce Business?


When you have so much competition in a business segment, it is often difficult to make your mark among so many competitors. Especially, in the field of eCommerce business, sellers have to keep on exploring new ways and mediums to boost their product sales among their targeted customers. You have to remember one thing that you are not the only one in the competition, so don’t expect every online shopper to turn up at your store for making a quick purchase.

This becomes one of the most important concern as no seller would want to have lesser sales and customer engagement on his/her site. However, many sellers are experiencing inadequate sales and are looking out for alternatives to improve their business fortunes. If you are one of those unfortunate sellers, you can have a sigh of relief as this Knowband extension has carved out a niche place for itself among various Magento multi vendor marketplace Extension that are available in the market. Let us understand how it can enhance the sales of various sellers in an eCommerce business by checking out these features.

Easy and quick registration facility for sellers

The sellers can now sell their products online in a simple way due to the easy registration facility for sellers on this Magento marketplace extension. The extension provides simple front end registration facility to sellers through “Register as Seller” option in order to ensure a trouble free selling environment for them. There is no back end registration facility in this Marketplace extension for higher sales.

Allow great features and functionalities to manage seller’s account/h3>

This Marketplace extension for Magento stores is packed with numerous features and functionalities for helping out its sellers in a big way. You can utilize this Magento Marketplace extension for transforming online store into a marketplace for optimizing your business chances as a seller in an eCommerce business. You can manage your account profile, add/delete/manage products, option to add special price for their products, quick enable/disable/delete of bulk actions on a seller products page and other such features without any hassle.

Can get a clear idea about their sales activity through analytics report and sales tracking/h3>

This feature packed marketplace module for Magento sites provides effective information regarding the sales activity of various sellers on a marketplace store. It can offer statistical information based on average revenue per order statistics, items sold, income, seller transactions and other such critical information in a seamless manner. With the support of all this vital information, you can effortlessly grab more sales and conversions for your online store.

Allow sellers to make quick customization in their seller page

Now, this Magento multi vendor Marketplace extension can help in grabbing more customer engagement and sales due to the quick customization facility provided to it. Sellers can now seamlessly add banner, shop logo, customized HTML content, social URLs and other such components in their seller account page. By making their seller account page more interactive and engaging, it will be much easier for sellers to achieve higher product sales, customer engagement and conversions without much efforts. Thus, it is definitely a Marketplace module to boost conversions and sales for numerous sellers around the world.

Don’t let your business suffer further due to low sales and customer engagement on your online store. It is the right time to install this affordable Marketplace extension for Magento store owners who may not be able to avail the services of other Magento multi vendor Marketplace plugins due to their steep prices. This Knowband extension comes with a bundle of features and functionalities without punching a major hole into your pocket. Avail this Magento extension for your online store by visiting our Knowband store.

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