The battle of Marketplaces – Indian eCommerce market is the new arena

The battle of Marketplaces - Indian eCommerce market is the new arena | KnowBand

Marketplace model of eCommerce has been in the business for a long time now. However, the fights between marketplace giants still remains a fresh news each day. Each day comes with something new and something exciting for the eCommerce world when we look into their efforts to grab the market share by these marketplace giants.

Amazon and Walmart need not any introduction in the marketplace world. Currently, both the companies are busy in a new battleground of Indian eCommerce market. While the local eCommerce site Flipkart remains on the top of the list, Amazon is steadily moving towards the top by securing the 2nd position in the current scenario. Not only that, amazon has also announced the further investment of $3 billion to the Indian market. This additional investment would now reach the Amazon’s total investment in Indian eCommerce market to $5 billion.

Reports say Walmart is not going to leave this chance of extending its market to Indian online consumers and is all set to join the share. Buzz says the e-tail giant has been in talks with local marketplaces such as Snapdeal and Shopclues. The strong indications point towards its inclination towards the top most marketplace site- Flipkart. Considering the current expansion of Amazon in India, Walmart’s alliance with Flipkart would not be a surprise at all.

What’s the buzz in B2B market?

While the giant’s of marketplace model are all set to grab the opportunity to rule the to be on the top online market- India. the local business startups are not in a mood to let them snatch their share so easily. With 100 % FDI in the Indian marketplace, foreign industries are being attracted, the local eCommerce market is also all set to give a tough competition.

Local Indian Marketplace is all set too-

As Knowband, we have been providing eCommerce solutions to the B2B clients across the globe. In the past year, we have noticed that the demand for our modules like PrestaShop Multivendor marketplace, Magento Multivendor marketplace, has increased exponentially. These modules are provided by Knowband to convert the PrestaShop and Magento based eCommerce sites into a fully functional marketplace site. Each day, we get hundreds of queries about how these modules can convert their existing eCommerce store into a marketplace site?

Surprisingly, most of these queries are from India itself. The Indian eCommerce business start-ups are so aware of the growing importance of marketplace model of eCommerce. They are looking for the ways to give these marketplace giants a tough competition in the local market. Knowband is too all set to provide these business aspirants with all they need to survive this battle of Indian Marketplace market.

With the PrestaShop Multivendor marketplace and Magento Multivendor marketplace, we have developed a series of Marketplace addons that will further extend the capabilities of these Multivendor marketplace modules and extensions. The addons are developed keeping in mind the requirements of any typical marketplace site to make it competitive with the rising giants. So, even Knowband is set to provide the business startups with all they need to grab their share in the local market. From Prestashop multivendor marketplace modules to android apps, everything the startups need to join the marketplace model of eCommerce.


The marketplace giants are all set to grab the faster growing Indian eCommerce market. However, they should not ignore the importance of local eCommerce entrants who are also all set to give them a tough competition. Each of these small yet full of potential marketplace sites are not in a mood to let them take away their local shares. Indications are, the foreign giants have to be in coordination with these local setups if they really want a flawless penetration to the deepest level of Indian online consumers.

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