How to write an abandoned cart email to bounced customers?

How to write an abandoned cart email to bounced customers | KnowBand

Online businesses typically flourish with the decent conversion rates on the website. For any eCommerce site, shopping cart abandonment comes as a great threat to the regular efficiency of the website. Seasonal drifts in the sales could be once ignored as a regular tremor in the sales, but one cannot just simply discard the growing number of abandoned carts on his eCommerce site.

To tackle with the shopping cart abandonment, companies deploy various abandoned cart modules and extensions which help the site owner to win back the lost sales. These abandoned cart extensions work by tracking the carts and customers and then notifying the site owner whenever as cart is abandoned by the users. Emails play a great role in working of such abandoned cart extensions. The emails sent by the cron or manually by the site admin allows the website to communicate with the users and then win them back. However, one cannot just simply send any kind of email to the customers. These are specific emails whose conversion is directly dependent on the reduction of abandoned cart on your stores. These email include:

  • Confirmation mail to the customers whenever an account is created.
  • Notification mail to the customers alerting them for the procedures of performing a certain a task, for example, how to redeem a coupon or a voucher.
  • Confirmation emails for the special event like flash sales.
  • Notification mails from wait lists.
  • Emails to notify about the saved carts in their account.
  • Abandoned cart messages with our without offers and discounts.
  • Any many more email that directly affects the conversion rates.

If we talk about preventing shopping cart abandonment on your store, most eCommerce sites focus on the abandoned cart emails. Simply, these mails include an appeal from the eCommerce site to complete a purchase initiated by the user. To make these mails conversion friendly, you might include some non-resistible offers or discounts for completing the purchase. However, focusing on just converting the existing abandoned cart would not be enough to prevent the future abandonments.

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When writing this kind of messages, make sure you remain on the topic and say only what’s needed to be conveyed. Do not forget to personalize the message so that the email do not end up in the spam folder. For example, an email consisting of notification regarding an account creation should consist of the customer’s details with the account information and a direct link to the user account. Another example is, a saved cart email should include the product details with a product image, clear price and quantity of the product.

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An easily accessible abandoned cart email consist of some basic elements

I have followed these tips in my OpenCart abandoned cart emails and they have worked for me always. I think, these tips are not limited to the OpenCart abandoned carts, but you can use it for any of the eCommerce sites.

Sharp subject line-

The emails should be clearly identified with its subject line and the user should be able to guess the kind of email in just a single glance at the subject line.

Personalization and to the point-

Each message should clearly specify its purpose. To do this, the mails should stay on topic and use the links when providing excessive details. An email indicating towards the customer specific purpose would be more successful.

Specific marketing-

If you are relying on coupons or vouchers to lure the customers, make sure the coupons are specifically deployed for the particular group of customers and products. For example, in my OpenCart abandoned cart emails, I focus on the customers from specific group of products and allot the coupons for that particular product only. Doing so will make sure that customer feels honored with an exclusive coupon.

Offer only when it’s necessary-

When I have to deal with OpenCart abandoned carts on my site, I do not treat every email with the coupon or voucher. We should understand that, for any kind of eCommerce site the bargaining power with the customers is almost nil. This makes your profit margins to the maximum without hitting your head with the bargaining customers. So, providing offers and discounts in every other mail will let the customers know about how desperate you are. Also, it will degrade the value of your already provided discounts. So, it’s better if you focus on the need of coupons only when it’s necessary.

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