E-commerce platform that you can opt for your multi-vendor marketplace

E-commerce platform that you can opt for your multi-vendor marketplace | KnowBand

The e-commerce world has started shifting its base towards the multi-vendor model in the past few years. The traditional inventory model which used to be the king some while ago is now becoming a choice of lesser importance. The reason for which it is cited in the nature and scope of the multi-vendor model which fits in with the aspirations of the e-commerce world. Being mutually beneficial and inclusive in nature, it not only caters to the demand of sellers, but also brings delight to the customers by providing a wide range to choose from. The importance of having a multi-vendor platform for an e-commerce website is what that cannot be bogged down. But, what are those platforms that offer you a chance to build such a platform for your website? To ease your task a bit, we will discuss some of the trending multi-vendor that you can choose from.


wordpress | KnowBand
WordPress is a reliable name in the market.

With a market share of over 23%, the reliable support for the website, WordPress, needs no introduction when it comes to discussing the e-commerce platforms. Being a reputed name in the market, WordPress offers a smooth transformation for your business into a multi-vendor setup. The various customization and management features offered allows you to cut the hassle which comes in with the management of a multi-vendor marketplace.


Magento | KnowBand
Magento is another open source platform for your website.

Magento is another such name in the market which entirely focuses upon enriching your e-commerce experience. With a dedicated support for your e-commerce website, Magento is a name you can rely upon. Through Magento marketplace extension, it allows you to adopt the multi-vendor mode for your website. By providing an option for separate seller profile with specific login, it provides freedom of managing and updating the products to the vendors. Thus, providing them with the experience of a personal e-commerce set-up for their business.

Always being the first choice of any large scale online business setups, a Magento store can always be converted into a marketplace site using any of the better Magento multi vendor marketplace extensions.


Prestashop | KnowBand
PrestaShop has been there for a while.

Being there in the market for a decade or so PrestaShop has tightened its grip with its service quality and features. With over 1,00,000 sites availing its services, PrestaShop stands as a strong contender to be chosen for your marketplace website. The features offered include easy integration of multi-payment options, simple registration, and profiling of vendors, easy customization and effective product and service management. All these contributes in the transformation of your business into a multi-vendor mode for a smooth ride.

PrestaShop has always been a first choice of most of the business startups. With the availability of effective marketplace modules like Knowband-PrestaShop marketplace module, it has become so easy to convert your PrestaShop store in to PrestaShop marketplace site.


OpenCart | KnowBand
OpenCart provides you a seamless experience.

OpenCart is one such platform which stands among the top in the business. With e-commerce specific features and valuable modules, OpenCart has always ensured a seamless business transaction for its users. Features like e-mail payment notification for vendor and personalized store management makes OpenCart a good choice to opt. Moreover, OpenCart is one of the easiest eCommerce platforms to learn to work upon. With high affinity to extendable feature using OpenCart Modules, it possess a major flexibility to get converted in to a marketplace site using any of the efficient OpenCart marketplace addons.

Final say

The above-mentioned e-commerce platforms are some of the tops in their section. Their user base and market credibility are ever increasing. In order to, make a smooth transaction for your multi-vendor set-up, you can rely on any one of them.

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