How to Make the Best Use of a Thank You Page?

Thank you page

You probably think that your job is done on the thank you page when a user has made a purchase.

Well, you are not wrong to think that way. Once a customer has made the payment and placed the order, what remains to be bothered about?

The focus of a brand is to encourage customers to shop and if they have been taken to the thank you page, you have succeeded in your efforts.

But do you know you can leverage a thank you page in many aspects rather than displaying a simple “Thank you for shopping with us” or “Thank you for placing your order” text?

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page also referred to as a post-purchase page is the page that is displayed to the users once they have successfully placed their order. It is basically a page where users are informed that their order has been confirmed.

Your thank you page could provide you with ample benefits. Let’s try to understand how you can make the best use of a thank you page on your website.

1. Encourage Cross-selling on the thank you page

Customers’ mind can switch in seconds. If they didn’t show the interest in the related items while purchasing, does not mean they cannot be encouraged later to purchase. With that being said, you should use the cross-selling strategy even when a customer has placed the order.

Display items that match with the customer’s purchase. Who knows they might be interested in buying them too.

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2. Ensure Customer Retention by offering a Coupon Code

You want to make sure that your customers return to your website in the future right? Then give them a reason for it. This becomes important especially in the case of new customers.

When a new visitor buys an item from your website, reward them with a coupon code alongside a thank you message. By displaying a coupon code on your thank you page, you can develop the curiosity inside the customer to come back to your store and purchase again.

This marks as one of the effective customer retention strategies.

3. Use Thank you page to collect Feedback

It is good to know what your customers think about your Brand. And there cannot be a better way to ask them that other than on the thank you page.

Ask them about their shopping experience or if they faced any difficulty at any place during their purchase journey.

This gesture tends to increase customer’s attachment towards your brand since they feel that their opinion is being valued. And if they leave any remark, appreciate them for it.

You can get more response if you just add a personal touch and also make them feel how important their opinion is for the success of your Brand.

4. Let Customers share their Order details

Customers might want to share their order details with someone, especially if they have purchased the product, not for themselves but for the other person.

Include an order sharing option on the thank you page. Allow sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Instagram since these three are the major communication channels for netizens.

You can display social icons of the platforms where you have your brand page or account so that customers get redirected to your social media pages after clicking on it. It is one of the best practices to increase your social followers.

6. Ask Customers to Refer your Brand to their known ones

If you are running a Refer and earn campaign for your website promotion, one of the best strategies to get more referrals would be to put it on the thank you page.

When someone makes a purchase, ask them to share your website with their friends, colleagues, family or relatives and reward them with some exciting incentives in return, for every successful referral.

This will bring you more sign-ups on your website.

Better Thank you page module by KnowBand

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thank you page module

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