What’s new with Mailchimp AI integration: An Insight

AI is the fastest-growing tech industry and recently, Mailchimp added some striking features and updates to make the customer journey smarter with some smart solutions. They quoted this press release with the tagline, ‘If you’ve got big goals, we’ve got big updates’. There are millions of businesses registered and customer data of billions are available on Mailchimp.

To build the smart solution Mailchimp used all the available data. The new update of Mailchimp AI Integration is incorporated with Stripe, a redesigned App, creative assistant which is entirely focused on personalization to enhance the customer journey. Let’s dig deep into it and find out what and how this newly updated Mailchimp can help the e-commerce industry.

App redesign:

app-redesign-Mailchimp new update

Mailchimp development team have redesigned the application with all new developer experience with native client libraries and mobile SDKs. The Mailchimp APIs can manage audience data, send campaigns, activate event-based messages, and more. The global infrastructure of Mailchimp can be utilised to send fast, personalised transactional emails, high deliverability rates, and scalable analytics through API or SMTP.

Creative assistant:

mailchimp- creative-assistant- new- update

Mailchimp used AI to give the best personalization experience to the customers. It creates assets for design automatically with pre-existing designs and alters them as per the command. Consider an image with a caption you have designed earlier and now you want to use that same content for other applications having different layout. With Mailchimp, you can make a new design in just a few clicks.

Visual automation builder:

The main focus of building this smart solution was to improvise the customer journey. It helps users with the next best advice for action by giving recommendations for improving campaign performance. It can grow business and uplift sales with personalizing product recommendations.

Users can send emails at any time with auto-trigger functionality. Mailchimp sends targeted campaigns to future leads. The new version suggests some catchy taglines and subject lines for email marketing. It includes real-time input on word count, count of characters, punctuation, and use of emoticons.

Building your online presence:

Milchimp new update building-your-online-presence

With Mailchimp, small businesses can make their online presence. Since the pandemic hit the economy, many queries were raised and this forced Mailchimp to create features with an AI-driven approach. They have incorporated domain purchase options for adding it to email marketing. Another tool that will be launched soon is a website builder tool that will not require any coding at all, mentioned in the Mailchimp latest release. Users can incorporate buy buttons and much more to bring their brick and mortar to the online platform.

New tools for personalizing marketing for e-commerce:

  • Mailchimp and e-commerce: Mailchimp have data of all the possible customers so they have built the solution which can be used for a growing audience if you connect your eCommerce store to Mailchimp.  It can predict purchase probability, by using previous purchase details in which customers are likely to be the most loyal and valued clients.
  • Mobile landing pages– Mobile app integration is another key tool that has been added to the Mailchimp AI update. Now users can add more new contacts or upload new from the address book.
  • Run Surveys with Popup forms- It has eye-catching survey popup forms to attract more visitors for gathering information that can be used for improving customer experience with personalized marketing.

Grow an audience with e-commerce integration- G-Suite Add-On with Google’s business software and technical email addresses.

Author’s Opinion

Mailchimp is the most powerful marketing platform founded back in 2001. It’s been two decades and it is still flourishing. These new solutions, software upgrades will allow many small businesses to work smart. E-commerce can take advantage of creative intelligence-backed tools, a visual automation builder with a redesigned app built to help companies expand alongside their ambitions. Let’s see what magic Mailchimp AI integration expel on e-commerce in upcoming years.

Vishakha Nathani

Vishakha Nathani

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