Avoid Top 6 Mistakes while Incorporating Popups on your Website

Avoid Top 5 Mistakes While Incorporating Pop-Ups In Your Website

Popups still work if you know how to use them effectively to capture your visitors’ email addresses or generate more sales. But while incorporating popups on your website, you should know which mistakes to avoid and which strategies to put ahead to make your popup stand out.

Popup is one such marketing tool that can either prove to be a boon or a curse for your online business. This is why, for any retailer, it is important to understand the upsides and downsides of a popup.

How are good popups different from bad popups?

Good pop-ups do not irk your visitors. They contain relevant information and are well-designed to capture user attention. Bad pop-ups, on the other hand, contain a messy look, disturb the user flow and compels your visitors to take an instant exit.

The old and classical form of providing offers via email subscription pop up us has become obsolete. Moreover, it becomes quite annoying for the customers to deal with the subscription and email to redeem the offer every time and most of the time, customers are unlikely to avail offers through this approach. Therefore, the e-retailers need to change their approach in order to reach out to potential buyers.

In this article, I am going to discuss the top 5 mistakes that you should avoid while incorporating popups on your website.

Mistake 1- No defined time of the popup appearance

Timing is the key for popups to deliver good results. Do not trigger them too early or too late. If your popup appears too early, it will leave a negative impact on your visitors and distract them from their purpose in the very beginning. If your popup appears too late, you may lose out on your potential subscribers. Well, what would be the point anyway of setting up a popup on your site if you display it too late? Get the timing right.

Although there’s no specific time to argue upon for a popup to work the best, you can initially analyze the average time spent by the visitors on your store and then define the time for your pop up appearance accordingly. Moreover, you can choose to trigger the popup after a user has scrolled down the page to a certain percentage or when they are trying to exit. This way, your pop-up won’t be annoying and you can expect better results.

Mistake 2- Asking for too much information

For an eCommerce store owner, increasing the subscribers’ list depends mainly on how much information the visitors have been asked to provide. Some eCommerce platforms ask for too much information like first name, surname, email address, date of birth, etc. while some just stick to asking email address only. Yes, I agree that asking for much information helps to launch the email marketing campaign in a better way but to create a successful campaign in the first place, you need to have a list of sufficient subscribers.

Asking for less and relevant information can be the solution for you to get more subscribers and drive more conversions and sales.

Mistake 3- Hard to dismiss pop-ups

hard to dismiss popup

This is a very important aspect as far as your conversions are concerned. There are many websites where a user finds it difficult to dismiss the popup. Do not let this mistake happen in your store. Simply provide your visitors with an easy option to close the popup if they are not interested. A hard-to-dismiss popup can result in an increased bounce rate.

Mistake 4- Too much frequency of the popup

too much popup

Do not ever get misguided into believing that displaying popups frequently will bring more leads and conversions. If you keep showing your popup again and again on almost every page, I am sorry to say but you will lose a great number of potential subscribers by making them extremely frustrated.

Try to display your popup like on every visit by the customer, in every one hour or one day. It will minimize the bounce rate on your store and ensure customer retention.

Mistake 5- No innovation

Pop-ups require creativity. The more creative a popup, the more the chances of a visitor turning into your subscriber. Unfortunately, the lack of innovation in the pop-ups has resulted in a downfall in the conversion rate. How can one expect better customer engagement and conversion, if the approach to interact with the visitors is very conventional? Therefore, the eCommerce store owners must use innovative ideas like Spin and Win pop up to create more user engagement. Spin and Win popup provides a gamifying experience to your visitors.

You should definitely check out the Spin and Win popup module by Knowband.

Spin and Win-Entry, Exit and Email Subscription popup- Prestashop addon

Spin and Win- Magento extension

Spin and Win- Magneto 2 extension

Spin and Win- OpenCart extension

Spin and Win: WooCommerce

Mistake 6- Unwanted offers

Your popup means nothing if it doesn’t serve a valid purpose to your visitors. Well, no one is actually interested to become your subscriber unless you provide them something beneficial. Why should a user subscribe to you if your offers aren’t relevant to him or her? This is why your offers must be enticing enough to encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletters or marketing programs.

Unwanted offers lead to low conversions and eventually lesser sales. So make sure to provide your best offers, or some amazing discounts and coupons through your popup to increase your email subscribers list and reduce conversions.


Popups are powerful. They serve a great purpose in binding the visitors towards your store. It is just that they aren’t used in the right manner. To get more conversions, avoid the above-mentioned top 6 mistakes while incorporating popups on your website. Design your popup well, make them appear at the right time, provide some exciting offers and most importantly, do not use them too frequently.

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