How to Ensure Customer Retention on the eCommerce store?

One of the most challenging job for eCommerce store owners is to retain the existing customers base on their store and at the same time acquiring new ones. The customers might browse through the site and check the products, but may not complete the checkout process. The online shoppers always have plenty of options to go for and hence the chances of bounce rates are maximum. In order to deal with such problem, the store owner need to come up with better and innovative ideas to keep the visitors engaged on their web store.

Most of the time the sellers have to target audience by providing them offers they can’t refuse. The sellers might organize sales and offers depending upon the peak traffic time. If you are a site owner who is facing the problems of low traffic on your website.

Let us discuss some of the effective ways to hold the visitors to your website and get effective conversions.

Exit pop ups

Exit Popup

An Exit pop up can prove to be an effective mean in boosting your sales and engaging more and more customers. Knowband has come up with exciting Prestashop Exit pop up module. The plugin enables the Prestashop store owner to generate a popup when the visitors intent to exit the site. The pop up can be presented in the form of any combo products or a discount coupon that can be availed by the visitors on their next purchase. The exit pop up can be presented as per the web store owners convenience, if the store owner wants to provide better deals they can readily make the pop up with the provided offers. It is a great way of retaining the customers.

Frequent offers in sales

Frequent Offers In Sale

Most of the customers love to purchase from eCommerce websites only if they are provided with offers. The eCommerce owner may provide sales frequently based on either festive season, holiday season or other important occasions. It ensures that the customer is getting enough opportunities from your website to make purchase at lower rates. Try to provide them with handsome discounts and offers. This is definitely one of the ways to make them your loyal customers. Customers are generally excited when they hear the term sales or discount. Thus, the web store can use these sales as a source of making better conversions from the customers. Moreover, these sales help in marketing the store better and attract more customers to the webs store.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

According to a survey by StacksAndStacks, “internet users are 144% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video”. The presence of a video describing the product allows the customers to get a better insight of the product. It imparts them with the feeling of having the product without actually using it. It can turn the visitors mind from ‘maybe’ to ‘sure’. An effective way to clear the customers mind about certain product. It has been seen that the products which lack a video for description has half the chance of making a sale as compared to the video which has a video description. Thus, the usage of video in order to promote the product sale is increasing tremendously.

Optimize your website performance

Optimize your website performance

Most of the customers tend to purchase product if the user interface of the website is good. They prefer the process to be easy and fast. A study shows that, “There is 11% chance that a transaction may be canceled if the site response is delayed by 1 sec”. Therefore, the site owner must check upon the performance of their website. The factor may cost some conversions if ignored by the website owner. If acted properly, it may result in successful checkouts of the customers with a positive feedback. The optimization process may include the modification of the CTA’s and the positioning of various aspects of the web store. Most of the time, the web store can make use of various tools and testing methods to optimize the web store. Optimization has very effective results when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

Email Subscription

Email Subscription

Email serves as one of the best options in terms of conversion rates. It simply can’t be left out of a well-build strategy, as you can count on a huge return if you use it. Email helps the sellers connected better with the customers by providing them with substantial information about the upcoming products, offers or running discounts. It is one of the highly popularized mode of promoting brands by the sellers. The method of Email marketing has been obsolete but it still holds a better conversion rate and its effectiveness can be still seen today. According to a survey about 70% of the customer response to an Email offer. Thus, making it one of the best suited option for the retention of the customers on the web store.

Scratch cards

Scratch Cards

The web store can always make use of the scratch card module in order to make sure that the customers are retained on the web store. Most of the time the customers leave the web store without completing the purchase on their cart, thus this decreases the sales made by the web store. In this case the web store can provide the customers with scratch cards to avail better offers on their purchase. This method help the web store to trace back the customer to the cart and complete the purchase process. It has been noticed that the rate of cart abandonment is around 70%. Therefore, the web store owner needs to use proper measures to control the growing number. Thus, using the scratch cards can help in lowering this number to a larger extent.


It is one of the prime concern of the seller to keep their customers engaged to their website. Various methods and strategies can be opted by the store owners to achieve the target audience. Using ideas like Exit pop can boost your services.

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