How to grow your email list using popups and make them effective?

Your email list plays a paramount role in your online business. A growing email list attracts a new audience, creates a buzz about your business and builds credibility between you and your audience. But how do you actually grow your email list? I find email subscription popups to be extremely helpful.

Email subscription popups are one of the best ways to capture emails of your store visitors and grow your email list. But will it be enough to just have an email subscription popup on your store to convert your visitors into your subscribers? It’s a clear “NO”. No matter how amazing discounts or coupons you offer, some people will never pay attention to it and store owners need to accept this fact. So, what can be done to get more subscribers?

Email subscription pop-ups are effective, no doubt but if you are not using them in the right manner, you won’t be able to see the results that you expect.

In this article, I have put together a number of email subscription popups that you should consider using on your e-commerce store to grow your email list, along with some ways to make your popup effective.

Top 3 popups to grow your email list

1. Engage visitors with Spin and Win Popup

The Spin and Win popup is the topmost priority today for e-commerce store owners to gain more subscribers. It provides a gamifying experience to your visitors and you can offer them some amazing discounts in exchange for their email addresses. Even the world’s leading online marketer Neil Patel is also using the Spin and win popup on his website.


Spin and Win

Spin and Win popup module by Knowband will easily allow you to place this popup on your store. When visitors come to your store, the popup will emerge and ask them to try their luck to earn some discounts on your store products. The spin will require visitors to enter their email id. Curious to win some offer, visitors will possibly enter their details. Isn’t it a great way to grow your email list? Knowband offers PrestaShop Spin and win addonOpenCart spin and win popup extension, Magento spin and win popup extensionMagento 2 spin and win popup extension, WooCommerce email Subscription.

2. Add Scratch Coupon popup

By adding a Scratch coupon popup on your website, you can catch visitors’ attention and develop curiosity in their mind to check what offer you have in your store for them. A visitor will be tempted to scratch the coupon to get a discount.
scratch coupon

Knowband has Prestashop Scratch Coupon addon, OpenCart Scratch Coupon extension, Magento Scratch Coupon extension, and Magento 2 Scratch Coupon extension. The Scratch coupon popup module will allow you to place an unscratched coupon on the top of your website. While scratching, a popup will appear asking the user to enter his/her email address to claim the discount. In this way, you will be able to grow your email list without sounding desperate for the emails of your visitors.

3. Use an Exit-Intent Popup

Around 70% of the people who leave your website suddenly do not return again, at least for quite a while. But do you know you can convert those visitors into your email subscribers with a simple trick?

You heard it right. With the help of an exit-intent popup, you can prevent your visitors from leaving your store. This detects user behavior and prompts a popup in front of them when they are about to leave your store.
exit popup

The Exit-Intent Popup by Knowband displays an interactive subscription popup every time a user intends to exit your website. The online merchant can find Prestashop Exit-Intent Popup addon, OpenCart Exit Popup extension, Magento exit popup extension and Magento 2 exit popup extension on the Knowband store.

How to make pop-ups effective?

1. A clear CTA with a purpose

Your call to action should be very crisp and clear. State your purpose of asking for your customer emails. If you do not provide a purpose to your visitors as to why they should become your subscribers, you will never be successful in adding them to your email list.


2. Try different colors

If you think colors don’t matter much to gain email subscribers, you are absolutely wrong. Visuals are a great way of capturing your visitors’ attention. Use colors that are pleasing to the eyes otherwise visitors will take no time in closing the popup. Use colors and themes according to occasions. This will decide the interest of visitors in your store.

3. Restrict yourself from asking too much information

The less you ask, the more likely visitors are to subscribe on your platform. You can avoid asking for first name and last name or restrict to asking for first name and email address only. If you want to grow your email subscribers list quickly, asking only for email addresses will create more chances of turning a visitor into a subscriber.


4. Craft your pop-up title and subtitle

Use a title that triggers visitors to take some immediate action with a subtitle that explains the need to take action. Remember, your visitors have come to your store because they might have liked something that interests them and a sudden popup is going to interrupt their activity. If your popup title doesn’t entertain the user, you will miss the chance of turning him/her into your subscriber.

5. Set the right time for the pop-up appearance

It’s important to fix a time for the popup to appear. It shouldn’t occur repeatedly as it may shift the focus of the user from your store. Distracting your visitor from their purpose would be the last thing you would want on your website. Hence, setting up the right time for the popup is the ideal way to convert a visitor into a subscriber.

6. Use Inline field labels

Make it easy for your visitors to understand in one go about what they should enter in the subscription pop-up with the help of inline fields.
For example- The field in your popup that requires email address should automatically read as “Enter your email address”, making users understand quickly what needs to be entered in that field.



Growing your email list is a great way of increasing your store traffic and is very effective in increasing the overall revenue of your store. But it isn’t easy unless you start putting your efforts.

By using the above-listed email subscription pop-ups and applying the 6 strategies to make pop-ups effective, you will surely be able to make a difference in the list of your current email subscribers. Do let us know what changes did you feel after applying the above methods by leaving a comment below.

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