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Are the Promotional Emails any Good? 5 Reasons you can be Certain

The concept of eCommerce is not new. Most of the sellers have opted the virtual platform for selling their products. Hence, online marketing has become inevitable part of the eCommerce ecosystem. Customers now need not visit the physical store in order to search for a particular item. In the meantime, the competition faced by the online seller is also increasing day-by-day. There are n numbers of web store, so, retaining the existing customer base and acquiring new ones is not an easy task. Therefore, sellers need to come up with better and advance strategies to engage their customers.

One of the best way to stay in touch with your customers and make shopping easier for them is to keep them notified about the store products. The seller can keep their customers notified either by emails or SMS notification about any new product or any ongoing discounts. This feature ensures that the customers are in sync with your web store’s activities and offerings. It improves the customer-seller relationship and ensures that the customers is likely to make purchase for the next time too.

Are you still on the fence for using this tool of email marketing for your eCommerce business? Let us discuss some of the ways by which this method may be useful.

1.  Easy approach

Easy Approch

As most of the time if a customer finds a product, which they desire to purchase is out of stock, they leave the website. In order to keep a track of the products re-stock, the customer will have to visit the web store again. In this case, the seller needs to step up and keep their customers informed about the product’s current status. By using this approach, it becomes easier for both the customer and the seller to fulfill the purpose of shopping. All that seller need to do is, drop a post or an email regarding the product and the customer can use the information and purchase the product. The customers can be notified about any product that is back in stock in your Prestashop site by using Prestashop Back in Stock module. The best part of this plugin is that the customers need not keep checking the web store again and again in order to make sure that the product is online. The immediate use of this module makes sure that you have a better web traffic and better rate of conversions.

2.  More conversions

More Conversion

If a customer, who was willing to buy certain product finds it out of stock than he will half -heartedly move out of the store. Suppose, if the seller informs him that the product is back in the stock and available for purchase. It will tempt the customer to visit the store and take a look at the product once again. The approach improves the web traffic and at the same time makes sure that the rat of conversion is boosted.

3.  Offer Promotion

Offer Pramotion

The main idea to promote products is to improve their visibility. It is not just the products that requires promotion, but even the discounts and giveaways that you are offering online should be brought in the notice of the customer. The more it is promoted, the more customers will know about it and greater will be the chances of conversions. Thus, by dropping some emails or notification, the seller ensures that the product or offer is reaching out to maximum people. As the product visibility is increased, its chances of selling increases at the same time. Therefore, this idea helps the seller in increasing the reach-ability of the product and collecting more traffic o the web store.

4.  Low cart abandon rate

Low Cart Abandoned rate

Many times, customers add a product to their wish list and then move to check out page to complete the purchase. If the product at that time is out of stock or they are not satisfied with the prices, then, apparently customers will leave the cart unattended. Well, by using email marketing wisely, the seller may ensure that all the customers who did not complete the order are compelled to return to the store once again. Giving some surefire reasons to the customer to complete the order, the abandoned cart email helps in lowering the number of abandoned carts.

5.  Satisfied customers

Statisfied Customer

The custom emails are customer-centric and are aimed at enhancing the user satisfaction. The customers get to know about the status of the re-stock of their favorite products, new arrivals, coupon codes and other such things without any efforts. Thus, customers can browse the store and make purchases. This imparts a feeling of satisfaction among the customers by providing such a feature. The customer bounds to visit the store again and make purchase. Thus, increasing the customer count and rise in conversions to a significant amount.


The seller must always work in the direction of making services better for the customers. It helps them improve relations with the customers and at the same time get higher conversions. The idea of providing customers with such a feature compels them to come back to your store and check for the products.

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