Tajikistan’s Pharmacy App developed using KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder completed 1000+ installs


There’s no doubting that smartphone apps have revolutionized our lives. There is an app for everything, whether you need to travel, buy groceries, order food, chat, or do a banking transaction. Entrepreneurs are seeking for new markets to penetrate and strategies to engage clients to normalize their situations. E-commerce app development is one of these […]

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6 Examples of Spanish PrestaShop Business Apps Developed using KnowBand Mobile App Builder Module


A mobile app increases business opportunities as it allows you to handle information in real-time. To create an app, a developer has to do a lot of research based on platform, product type, niche, target audience, etc. The work does not stop here, but it also requires an accessible user interface. Your eCommerce app should provide […]

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Mobile Apps developed for Russian PrestaShop stores using Knwoband Mobile App Builder


E-commerce apps allow you to sell products to customers using a mobile app. Mobile usage for eCommerce has evolved and thrived like never in the past two years. Creating an app for your eCommerce has become statutory and unavoidable. Mobile apps offer unique features to maximize the shopping experience for shoppers. We have gathered five […]

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3 Robust Apps Created using KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder Plugin for Poland PrestaShop Stores


App building requires skilled app developers who know to test and deploy a mobile application. Every app has to be user-friendly and platform compatible with Android and iOS.As you may be aware, the demand for mobile apps has risen in recent years, and the industry has experienced unprecedented growth since the emergence of COVID 19. […]

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2019-Ferienkalender: Wie kann ein Verkäufer im Urlaub Kunden auf einem Marktplatz anziehen?


Die Ferienzeit beginnt mit den Leuten, die planen, wie sie ausgegeben werden sollen, und gleichzeitig die neuen Artikel entsprechend ihren Bedürfnissen kaufen. Die Weihnachtszeit bringt ein Lächeln auf die Gesichter der Kunden und der Verkäufer. Die Kunden können sich nun endlich die Artikel ansehen, die sie benötigen, während der Online-Shop jetzt immense Möglichkeiten hat, die […]

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