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The most awaited PrestaShop version is now released. Yes, you have heard it right. PrestaShop has now announced PrestaShop on its official website. It took a long journey to deliver this biggest release since After a development period of six months, PrestaShop is happy to announce its latest release. How worth is it? Well, we wish that it perfectly suits your eCommerce business needs in the long run. Moreover, we hope that you enjoy its latest updates and improvements.

What all PrestaShop features are added or improved?


This new version, PrestaShop focuses on improving the existing features of PrestaShop and bringing them back to the merchants. During the whole improvement process, the code quality standards were maintained. Quickly, download the latest PrestaShop version 1.7.6 for your store and enjoy the latest features and benefits.

New Features

Front office

  • New template design for emails sent to customers. The design is specially optimized for mobile displays so as to improve the shopping experience and customer relationship with the merchants.
  • Improved display of price details (product price, shipping, taxes, etc.) at different levels of the purchase process to gain customer trust and boost conversions.
  • Improved profile menu with allowed access to resources (documentation, training, agencies, help center, etc).
  • An updated version of the Product Comments module featuring rich snippets.
  • The various sorts and filters on product listing pages are fully refactored. A new price slider is also added.
  • Apart from new updates, there are various improvements which include:
    • Improved Catalog mode: Choose how to showcase your websites and display/hide product prices.
    • Improved currency management subsystem. You can add custom currencies for example.
    • Improved SEO for products with combinations.

Back office

  • Simple management of transactional emails directly from a new back-office page: Email Theme.
  • Show gathered prices for a product. Eg.“Price (tax incl.)” column has been added to the product listing. It is now possible to check both taxes included and excluded prices for each product.
  • New helper cards have been integrated on important pages to improve the software onboarding: Categories, Customers, Pages, Employees.
  • Dynamic preview of search engine results is enabled for other pages: Product page, Categories, CMS.
  • New watermark module has been updated to 1.7 (available in the Module Catalog).
  • Improved translation system for modules supporting multiple languages.
  • The Design section of the back office has been reconfigured. Gives an overview of all design features (RTL, logos, favicon and theme) so you can easily manage them the way you want.
  • The back-office administration is optimized for mobile devices.

PrestaShop addons Compatible with Prestashop Version

As new versions are released, you have to update your PrestaShop website to the latest store version. The very first step is to migrate all the data to keep their shop updated and fully-functional. Once the website is migrated to the updated version, the next step is to find themes and Prestashop addons compatible with the PrestaShop latest version 1.7.6. With Knowband, you can find all the compatible modules, templates, support, training to customize your online store.

Here is a list of the PrestaShop addons that will flawlessly work with the latest PrestaShop release

One Page Checkout: Convert the multi-page checkout design of your site into a single page checkout design with PrestaShop One Page Checkout. With multiple social login options, MailChimp Integrator, Guest Checkout, and many other rich features, PrestaShop One page Super checkout is a high ranked PrestaShop addon with 5000+ downloads and five-star ratings. Buy PrestaShop One Page Checkout from PrestaShop Addon Store and get high conversion rates for your store. PrestaShop one page checkout addon is now compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Abandoned cart: Another five-star rated module, PrestaShop Abandoned Cart addon helps you to reduce the cart abandonment rate in your store. This Prestashop addon tracks the abandoned carts & sends a reminder to the abandoned cart users via email and pushes them to come back to the store and complete their purchase. With the help of PrestaShop Abandoned cart addon, you can improve the conversion rates by recovering the pending carts. With 1000+ downloads, you can buy this Prestashop addon from Addon Store. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Social Login: Add numerous social login options to your PrestaShop store using PrestaShop Social Loginizer and improve the shopping experience of your customers. This five-star rated Prestashop addon encourages your customers for quick signup.PrestaShop Social loginizer addon has over 1000 downloads, you can also buy Social Loginizer module from PrestaShop Store. PrestaShop Social loginizer addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Marketplace: Target your new audience and serve your customers with products from multiple retailers using PrestaShop Marketplace addon. Turn your store into a marketplace and provide a choice of selecting products and services to your customers. This five-star rated Prestashop module has completed 500+ downloads. Buy PrestaShop Marketplace addon for your store. PrestaShop Marketplace addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Advance Wishlist: PrestaShop Advanced Wishlist allows online shoppers to save the shortlisted product to their wishlist. The five star rated PrestaShop addon boosts the shopping experience of the shopper and so reduces the cart abandonment rate as well. This Prestashop module has reached 100+ downloads. Purchase the module from PrestaShop Addon Store. PrestaShop Advance Wishlist addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Return Manager: Manage the product return requests of your customers and allow easy return & replacement with the help of PrestaShop Return Manager. The module has already 500+ downloads. This is one of the popular five-star rated PrestaShop addons that provide a flexible RMA system for your store. Buy PrestaShop RMA from Addon Store and easily manage returns at your store. PrestaShop Return Manager addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Spin and Win: Are your visitors getting bored at your store? Add an interactive gamified interface using PrestaShop Spin and Win pop up addon and compel visitors to shop your site products. With over 100 downloads, Spin & Win is ranked among top-rated modules as it is highly used as an email subscription popup. This 3 in 1 popup shows fun-filled wheel interface asking email of the visitors in order to exchange discount coupons with them. Buy Spin and Win Email Subscription Popup from Addon Store. PrestaShop Spin and win popup addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Etsy Integrator: With PrestaShop Etsy Integration addon, add an effective interface to manage the product listing, inventory and orders for the Etsy marketplace from the PrestaShop Back Office. PrestaShop Etsy Integration has reached 100+ downloads and is ranked among the four star rated modules. Go and buy this PrestaShop addon now. PrestaShop Etsy Integration addon is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Mobile App Builder: Transform your eCommerce site into a fully-functional mobile app with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder (for Android and iOS). The customizable designs and layouts offered by this addon have contributed to four star rating performance on PrestaShop Addon Store. Over 100 downloads are completed, you too can get it for your store. Convert your site into a fully-featured app with Knowband Mobile App Builder. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

Some other recommended modules: Apart from the above listed, Knowband offers you some other PrestaShop modules to increase the revenues and conversion rates of your store. Go and get them from the Knowband store at the provided links:

Infinite Scroll:

Quick Login:

Store Locator:


Facebook Store:

About Knowband

Knowband, one of the leading eCommerce development company has shown its major contribution to the design and development of PrestaShop modules. The team of highly skilled and experienced developers has covered over 50 plugins for PrestaShop. These PrestaShop modules are compatible with the latest version

With such high rated addon projects on PrestaShop Addon Store, Knowband is ranked among Superhero developers and badged as Modules Partner Creator as well.

What does the Superhero Developer Ranking say?

To help the user in picking up the right product, PrestaShop has set up an expertise ranking system. Each developer who contributes his/her product at addon store is marked with some kind of expertise level. Knowband ranks as a Superhero among the community of developers. They respond to customer queries in less than two hours of time. Customers who seek their support have rated their service quality to 99%. How amazing is that? You too can create your own custom store with Knowband modules for PrestaShop.

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