A PrestaShop Addon for Converting your Store into a Brilliant Marketplace- Part 1


Large eCommerce titans like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and such others have gained a monopoly over the eCommerce segment. Not having multiple sales channels and a limited customer reach are the two prime reasons that are hurting the interests of various business entities around the world.

With the competition in the eCommerce marketplace segment at an all-time high, the bigger fishes in this ocean are actually eating up the smaller ones making them as completely extinct. This uneven market share is actually casting a shadow on the future of smaller business entities in this billion-dollar industry.

To put an end to all your concerns and miseries, Knowband has come up with this out-of-the-box module that can convert your PrestaShop store into a feature-packed marketplace store.

Introduction to PrestaShop Marketplace Addon-

With the help of these superb PrestaShop modules, small and medium eCommerce stores can have better recognition and presence in the online business community for higher sales opportunities. Now, these smaller online stores can sell their products more effectively by adding their products seamlessly to this marketplace store.


PrestaShop marketplace addon allows seamless seller registration for selling products among your targeted customers. This excellent module has bent the stiff eCommerce laws for numerous small and medium online stores for achieving higher conversions and sales. Let us take a look at some of the unmatched features and functionalities of this PrestaShop marketplace addon.

1. It supports the commission model and membership plans

The Prestashop marketplace addon is integrated with the commission revenue model. Store owners can charge a fixed commission for every seller or different from individual sellers. The commission can be set for various categories and products as well. This module also supports the membership plan.


2. Eliminates the need for inventory management-

Now, registered sellers can seamlessly sell their products on their PrestaShop marketplace modules without any trouble. There is no such need to manage the inventory for the products that are offered by you for selling purposes.


The module relieves its sellers from the headache of inventory management while offering their products and services to their targeted customers.

3. Comprises of an efficient email notification system

With this PrestaShop marketplace addon, the involved members of the marketplace community such as buyers, sellers, and store admin can get timely updates and notifications about all the activities regarding their marketplace store. This helps in speedy decision-making and improves the business growth for an online business entity.

4. Provides greater role and authority to store admin

Store admin of this PrestaShop addon is loaded with numerous features and functionalities that impart a great deal of authority in the day-to-day functioning of a marketplace store. Some of the various areas where store admin has the last say are as follows:

– Contains authority to accept or reject seller’s request for selling his/her products on your marketplace store.
Maintaining commissions for various vendors and individual commission rates for each seller.
– Setting the limit on the number of categories that can be used for sellers for adding their products to your marketplace store.

5. Customer’s Reviews and ratings for sellers and products

The goods can be easily rated and reviewed by customers. From the PrestaShop Marketplace Addon’s backend, the admin may accept or deny seller feedback. On the front-end, these product reviews are shown to the customers to build trust and influence their decision.

Consider these points before launching a Marketplace on PrestaShop

1. Expand your business with PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App


Mobile users are increasing every day, necessitating the creation of a mobile app. While creating a marketplace on the PrestaShop platform, you can plan for a mobile app as well. The PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Builder plugin is compatible with the PrestaShop marketplace module and allows you to launch your application for both Android and iOs operating systems.

Visit KnowBand store and explore Advanced Prestashop Marketplace with the Mobile app.

2. Go Local with PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marektpalce


Post pandemic, there has been a significant change in the shopping behavior of the customers. Most of the customers are choosing local sellers for their purchase and as a business owner, you can take this as an opportunity. Transform your PrestaShop store into a Hyperlocal Marketplace using Hyperlocal Marketplace addon. It has several features that are explained here.

3. Start Service based Marketplace like Urban Company

You can start a service-based marketplace like Fiver, Urban company, etc. For this, you will require two of the PrestaShop modules: Hyperlocal Marketplace Module and Booking and Rental System.


The booking and rental system plugin will allow you to schedule appointments and bookings for the services provided by various sellers on your PrestaShop marketplace. Refer to our previously shared article on How to create a service-based marketplace.

Finally, It is time to revitalize your sales and customer engagement for your online store with the help of this PrestaShop Marketplace Addon that acts as a wonderful multi-sales channel for various PrestaShop store owners. Once, you have the option to sell your products among a large customer base, you can effortlessly improve the chances of your business growth.

Check out the next part of this blog for more information about the PrestaShop marketplace addon.


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