Sneak peek to the new Membership Plan feature of the PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Addon


Subscription business models are everywhere. Talking from Netflix to Apple Music. Recent research shows that subscription businesses are getting 5x faster revenue growth. The subscription revenue model benefits both customers and companies. Customers enjoy the convenience of auto-renewals and having access to high-value products and offers for a low ongoing investment. 

Its no wonder more and more companies are moving towards subscription business model. So we are also coming up with a new membership plan feature for Prestashop Marketplace addon. This membership plan feature allows the admin to create membership plans for the sellers. 

Sellers need to purchase these membership plans in order to upload their product in the Marketplace. The subscription-based Marketplace allows the admin to create subscription plans based on the number of products and time constraints. The Membership based Marketplace module offers customized email templates that help to automate the membership request and membership approval process.


In order to start selling on the marketplace, the sellers need to purchase the membership plan as per their requirements. Sellers can easily upgrade their membership plans as well. Warning message is sent to the sellers before the membership plan will be expired and even after the expiry of the membership plans sellers will get an email for upgrading their membership plans.



Note: We are going to increase the price of Prestashop multi-vendor Marketplace add on after adding this new membership feature. So if you are planning to buy this add on then hurry up now before it will be too late. And for existing users, they can extend their support period.

Steps to extend the support period are as follows:

1) Firstly, log in to your account. 

2) Then go to the Downloads under My Orders.

3) Here you will find the option to extend the support period. Click on the desired time period for the support.

Various features of Membership plans functionality: various-features-of-membership-plans-functionality 

  1. Admin can create different membership plans for the sellers.


  1. Admin can also create a free membership plan for the sellers.
  1. Admin can create marketplace membership plans based on the number of products like Basic Plan – 50 Products only at $99 charges, Advanced plan 150 products only at $149 charges. The admin can also add the time constraint in the plan like Basic plan – 50 Products, $99 and 6 months duration, Advanced plan 150 products, $149, and 12 months duration.


  1. Admin gets some pre-made email templates which helps them to notify the sellers about their membership plans. Admin can also edit these templates as per their requirements. For example below is the email template of warning message for the sellers whose marketplace membership plan is about to expire.


  1. Admin can set the membership plan select box in the sellers registration form.
  2. Admin can also set the product active limit for the membership plans.
  3. Admin can set the duration of the membership plan from the back interface.
  4. Sellers can upgrade their membership plans very easily and whenever it is required.

Product active limit of membership plans:


For each membership plan, admin has an option to set product active limit and sellers can sell products till that limit only but, this doesn’t mean that sellers can upload products till the active limit only. Sellers can upload products till their limits but active products which will be shown on the Marketplace will be equal to that limit only.


For example; A seller purchased a membership plan named as silver plan and the product active limit for that silver plan is only 20 products. So the seller can upload even 30 products but the products which will be shown in the Marketplace will be only 20.

Duration period of membership plans:


Admin has also an option to set the duration of membership plans. After this duration, the plan will be expired and sellers have to upgrade their membership plans again. Admin can set different durations for different membership plans.


For example, a silver plan duration is 30 days and the gold plan duration is 60 days, etc. Admin can also set the marketplace membership plan duration to unlimited time. 

Various subscription models:

Store admin can create different marketplace membership plans for the sellers. For better understanding, we created some membership plan examples which give you a brief idea about these membership plans.


Prestashop multi-vendor Marketplace compatible addons:

If you are a PrestaShop Marketplace store admin then you must read this blog which helps you to understand compatible addons for Prestashop multi-vendor Marketplace. Using these compatible add-ons you can customize your Marketplace and make it even more advanced.


Membership plan feature removes the hectic tension of commissions for each product sale. After enabling this feature, sellers can also register themselves on the basis of membership plans rather than Commission basis. So this membership plan feature helps both the sellers and the store admins.

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