How to Connect your PrestaShop Store to the Etsy marketplace?


If you run an eCommerce store and not satisfied with your sales, you might be thinking about several ways to improve the same. Starting a shop on some popular marketplace is one such idea that might have surely come into your mind. Well! If so, this is a good decision as it will help you to leverage the traffic and customer base of an already established marketplace and generate some serious sales for your business.

The aim here is to expand the reach so as to generate desired revenue from the business. However, It might be a tough task to manage two shops on different domains at the same time. Therefore, I am going to explain how can you manage to be a seller on a popular marketplace like Etsy and manage your own eCommerce site at the same time.

PrestaShop – Etsy connection


Both your website and selling on Etsy shop are important; managing both the entities separately is not an easy task, though. You need time, effort and manpower to make sure everything goes as planned. It made us realize, if we can integrate your eCommerce site and a marketplace like Etsy, it will curtail a huge burden at once by allowing a store owner to sell on the marketplace directly from his eCommerce store.

A PrestaShop-Etsy connection is a similar approach that works by integrating an interface on the PrestaShop back-office which possess the controls and configurations for:

  • Synchronizing the updates and changes in the stock
  • Managing orders received from the Etsy store
  • Preparing product feed for Etsy listing
  • Preparing different profiles for Product listing for bulk uploading of the products or selected products of the store
  • Preparing product Shipping options for Etsy orders
  • Setting up an Etsy API configuration to establish the connection

1. The connection setup


The PrestaShop-Etsy integration process is simple and you can do it without knowing to code.

To start selling on Etsy Marketplace you will need a seller account on Etsy. Create a seller account on the Etsy marketplace before you can set up a Prestashop-Etsy connection. After seller account registration, you need to set up an App on Etsy to get the API details. The API details will be used by the PrestaShop-Etsy integration module to set up a connection between the store and the Etsy seller account. The integration allows you to select the default language and the language in which you want to sync the product details, categories, shipping methods, and other features.


The updated version of the Etsy-PrestaShop Integration module allows you to upload the order tracking number for Etsy shoppers and the order status as well. There is an invoice setting that can be enabled if you want to show taxes on the invoice.

The auto cron run feature is the most appealing one and it lets the user select the number of products that can be synced automatically.

2. Shipping management for Etsy


Next, you will need to prepare the product feeds and upload them to the Etsy product listing. However, before your PrestaShop products are visible on your Etsy seller profile, you need to make sure that you have configured the shipping options.

The customers on the marketplace would want to see what shipping options are available with the product and when it is going to be delivered to them.

So, you must update the shipping options and let your customers on Etsy stay informed about them. You can add multiple shipping templates and improve your conversion rate because shipping is a major turn-off if a user couldn’t see the expected delivery date.


Prestashop Etsy integration module can be utilized for configuring the shipping templates by updating various information required by the Etsy marketplace. The interface of the shipping templates is the same as the Etsy Marketplace.

3. Product Listing for Etsy


To list the products on Etsy Marketplace the sellers first need to create the profiles. The seller can select the option to map the PrestaShop store category with the Etsy category or can select the products that need to be synced to the Etsy store.


The cron setup will list the goods to the Etsy Marketplace from the PrestaShop Etsy Integration module along with the variants, inventory, and definition of the product. So, this purpose helps list the goods.

4. Local Sync Option

Local Sync synchronizes the product in the PrestaShop store to the Etsy Integration module. Sellers can synchronize their product from the PrestaShop store to an Etsy Integration module with the aid of local sync. This tab is available under the PrestaShop Etsy Integration extension synchronization tab. After syncing the products to the Etsy Integration module, the sellers can sync the products in bulk or sync the selected products as per their choice.

5. Synch Products individually

The listing status of the products is shown on the product listing tab of the integration module. The administrator may display items mapped to different profiles under this tab along with their Etsy Name, Listing Status, Etsy (Active, Ended), Activated or Disabled status, and Enable/Disable/Relist/Renew option. By running cron, the administrator may list the individual product or all the items.


Also, the seller can easily remove the product from a specific profile, and it is impossible to add the excluded items to the Etsy marketplace. All of this can be conducted once the cron is executed from the PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension back-office.

You can update the product status for all the products manually or by running the cron.

6. Product Feed Management for Etsy


When shipping options are configured and ready for mapping with different products, you can prepare product feeds that will be shown in the Etsy marketplace. The product feeds are created based on the profiles, category mapping, and attribute mapping between the store and the marketplace.

Creating a new profile will have the options to perform category mapping and attribute mapping according to which the list of products will be shown. From this list of products, you can select those products on your store which you want to upload on the Etsy marketplace.

7. The order management


In a standard Etsy seller account, when your products become visible on the marketplace, you start receiving the order for them. A PrestaShop Etsy connection works efficiently to let you manage these product orders from the PrestaShop dashboard itself.

Now, based on the order status mapping between the PrestaShop and Etsy marketplace, you can update the order status and perform all the order management tasks from your PrestaShop back office itself.

You can see the order ID, Etsy order ID, reference, customer details, total order amount, and payment status of placed orders.
Etsy product orders are listed on the PrestaShop dashboard as shown in the figure below:


Other Functionalities of Etsy-PrestaShop Integration Addon that helps you connect the store

Cron set up to automate the process

The admin can set up the cron jobs so that the inventory update, order sync from Etsy to PrestaShop, and order status update from PrestaShop to Etsy will work automatically. Newly added products will also get updated accordingly.


Add Shop Sections

The PrestaShop Etsy Integration add-on provides an option to create the store and the profile can be mapped to the store. Category Wise Mapping


The PrestaShop store administrator needs to map the PrestaShop store category to the most appropriate Etsy Store category to list the items on the Etsy Marketplace, so that all PrestaShop store products can be mapped to the correct Etsy category.

Managing Profiles with Ease

Admin can pick simple settings to list the product with the aid of profile management, such as – Etsy Shop (country-wise), Currency, Language, and Shipping Profile. Using the Size chart image function, Store Admin may add an extra image for each profile. This image will be added as an extra image to the Etsy marketplace.


You can customize the product title by inserting certain details and placeholders with the title. The place-holders like {sample} will be replaced by dynamic content at the time of execution.

The Custom Pricing for Etsy

Integration Extension enables the PrestaShop store administrator to list their goods from the PrestaShop store to the Etsy Marketplace at a price different from the price of the PrestaShop store.

Using PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension, the admin may increase or decrease the price range at the Etsy Store. The administrator has the option to list the goods at a lower or higher price based on fixed or percentage-wise changes.

Product Image Size

Prestashop Etsy Integration module allows the admin to select the size of the product image in our module to sync the same to Etsy Marketplace.

Alter Quantity

The admin can set a maximum quantity of products that will be synced to Etsy with the products. If a product has 10 quantities on the store but Alter quantity is set as 5 then only 5 quantities will be synced to Etsy for that product.

Sales Data Analytics and Stats

It allows the store owner to use PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension to monitor the sales report.


The Etsy PrestaShop integration plug-in sales report tab helps the sellers to access the order and revenue report. This helps the administrator to review the sales report for orders from the Etsy store.

Also, a product sales report is displayed that allows you to see the product-wise status.

Watch how to connect Prestashop store with Etsy Marketplace

This is how a PrestaShop-Etsy integration works to allow an eCommerce site to receive orders directly from the Etsy marketplace. An effective PrestaShop-Etsy connection lets you perform all the activities of a seller account from the PrestaShop admin panel itself. Knowband’s PrestaShop Etsy integration module is one such PrestaShop module that you can leverage to generate heightened conversions on your store. It’s time you accept the importance of being a part of a popular marketplace and understand how you can leverage them to generate sales for your business.


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