How eCommerce Gamification can help Your Small Business to Grow?

An online store always caters for more conversions, higher customer engagement, and zero bounce rates, and achieving this will be a dream come true.

Is your current marketing strategy working? Are you getting enough business from your online store? These are pressing questions and to overcome that you can try something new and in your online store.

How about adding Gamification to the Online store?

Gamification is the hot tactic businesses are using for marketing their products and to increase customer engagement. It allows users to participate in desired activities, shows a road to mastery, and takes advantage of our human psychological proclivity for gaming. But, Gaming and Gamification are not the same. In fact, Gamification involves a specific game element that can keep your user engaged for longer, and to keep them motivated, users are awarded with rewards at the end. It’s a tool that smart marketers use to improve customer engagement and influence user behavior.

Major problems faced by every online business

A number of factors may have a positive or negative effect on a business. Businesses invest thousands of dollars to remove the barriers coming on the way. Major barriers here are the abandoned cart and increased bounce rate.

For more conversion, it is needful to focus on customer engagement and eCommerce Gamification can help the businesses achieve that. If you have a PrestaShop store and you are concerned about your business growth then the article is all about what you should do in the coming future for increasing customer engagement to create your brand identity.

How can gamification help to overcome eCommerce issues?


Abandoned Cart

We’ve all had those moments when we impulsively choose a slew of things to purchase from an online shop, and only after we “check out” do we realize what we’ve done. We must get rid of things or move on to something better. As a result, the abandoned cart is born. Cart abandonment is widespread in all industries, but eCommerce fashion businesses suffer the most. Customers do not take any action on the abandoned product unless they find a great deal on their abandoned cart.

Your clients are no exception.

The consumer is unlikely to notice unless the items in the cart are highly priced and come with a slew of other benefits such as free delivery or a heavy discount.

Customer Retention

Another challenge that every eCommerce business faces is customer retention. If you have served your customer well enough then there are chances of their coming back. Customer retention works parallel to customer loyalty. That is hard to achieve just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The foundation of any meaningful partnership between two individuals is loyalty. Customer loyalty is a daunting task to acquire and maintain. This is why businesses devote a significant amount of money to achieving these objectives. A system of positive reinforcement, incentives, and expressions of gratitude makes it easier to develop loyalty.

Some fun ways to increases customer engagement in your eCommerce store

1.     Spin-and-Win

This is where you can put your daily bonus to good use (and some other style points). This game strategy is fantastic for fans. On every spin, customers can earn rewards, coupons, or anything specified by the store owner. Furthermore, the visitor enters their email address to obtain a discount coupon code, which is then added to their shopping cart. The perceived value of this promotion, as well as its engaging features such as slide-out animations, gradient coloring, and brand recognition, combine to create a seamless eCommerce gamification experience that keeps consumers interested and encourages them to make a purchase.

Spin and win module is considered an advanced eCommerce gamification plugin because of its look and appealing design. It can be customized for various occasions and events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, Diwali, etc. Keep in mind that the text added should be engaging enough to encourage the buyer to take the chance.

You can use the Spin-and-Win on any page of your website. Be it the landing page or the Product Page and this will surely create a positive impact on your customers because everyone loves having fun!

2.     Scratch to Win

Consumers enjoy being entertained, and Scratch & Win campaigns have both fun and suspense. Along with customer engagement, this can be used to create a brand identity. Your brand logo, images, and colors can be used on the scratch card.

Scratch-off coupons are an ideal way to improve consumer loyalty and purchase rate. Scratch-offs with coupons and/or prizes are becoming more common in eCommerce stores.


Everyone enjoys the feeling of winning something. Ecommerce businesses may use mobile scratch-off coupons to generate excitement in their stores and on their websites.

Customers know they’ll get something if they play the tempting scratch-off, so the psychological pull of beginning something draws them to the end of the mobile scratch-off card, where they’ll get a reward.

By doing so, you will give your prospect the warm feeling of winning and receiving a reward, as well as gain the customer interaction you were looking for.

3.     Loyalty Programs

Loyalty, on the other hand, can be gamified by the use of a point system. To meet your goals, you must have an effective loyalty program. What makes a loyalty program effective?

It improves a customer’s sense of worth. If a customer receives points for doing nothing but spending money, those points feel like they’re a part of their previous purchases. The consumer is attached to them and wants to use them wisely because they have this intrinsic value.

A points system that accumulates over time and can be traded for both virtual and physical goods makes it easy to entice consumers to return for repeat purchases. You can reward loyal customers with discounts and gifts in a similar way. Offering reward points on every purchase will win you the customer as well as their loyalty.

In closing,

Ecommerce gamification has the potential to improve results in many ways. Customer engagement will increase, onboarding will be shortened, and learning interactions will be more effective and meaningful as a result of successful gamification initiatives. Companies benefit greatly from the specific elements of gamification by smoothing out the transition to organizational change.

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