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The task of keeping up with the marker and making sure that the customer is informed about the product description is quite a tough. With so many distraction, attracting the attention of the searches on the internet is difficult. Different strategies and ideas need to be executed in order to make customer aware about the products. In order to spread awareness about the products, web stores have come up with different ideas like providing offers and discounts. These ideas are good, but not enough. Therefore a better approach must be followed.

Social media sites like Facebook has made it easier for the site owners to inform the customers about their products, categories and brand through wall post and advertisements. Knowband offers Prestashop Facebook wall post module which enables the Prestashop eCommerce sellers to post the detailed information about their products on Facebook. It has given new heights to promotion of the products on social platforms.

Therefore, if you are a Prestashop site owner and want to get a better customers response on your products than this plugin might help you. It will help you spread your product information and will improve the conversions.

Discussed below are some way by which this module can help you.

Product Visibility


As the total numbers of users on Facebook is on the rise. Thus, it ensures that the product is reached to a larger number of people. Moreover, Facebook post also allows the new visitors to check in to your store after having a look at the products. It improves the product visibility to a greater extend and helps in making higher sales. In other words, web store owner gets the opportunity to improve the conversions through these wall posts.

Web Traffic

Web Traffic

The FB wall posts allows the customers to check on the products through the wall posts itself or if they are interested in browsing through more product, they can check on the web store directly from the FB wall post. Most of the products available and offers can be availed through the wall posts too. The visitors can be redirected to the web store by some simple clicks. Eventually increasing the web traffic to your website.

Better approach

Better Approch

A survey reveals that, “Most of the online shoppers tends to visit the website when they find any enticing FB post”. Thus, promoting information about the product through Facebook wall post serve as an easy approach in engaging the customers towards the web store. Customers can avail services from social media site and would not have to search the web store for products. The customers can relate this approach much better and easily.

More conversions

More conversion

The total numbers of visitors, who will check the web store products and offers through wall post may increase if you are able to promote your Facebook page appropriately. Therefore, it improves the chance of conversions of the web store. At one hand, it is an easy ways to lure customers by showing them different offers on their favorite platform while on the other hand it is more easier for the sellers to understand and use. Thus, they prefer to make purchase or explore more through the web store. It improves the rate of conversions drastically.

Enhanced UX

Enhanced UX


It offers the customer with smooth and pleasant way of shopping while staying on the same platform. Meanwhile, the customer gets updated about the recent product information, low stock alert or any discount run by the store. The user experience proves to be an important factor, as the customer takes it into consideration before making the next purchase.


If we take a look at the current scenario, we can easily realize that the popularity of the social media platform is at it’s peak. The social media platforms like Facebook has around 2 billion users. This makes it as the best suited place for the eCommerce store owners to target their customers. Thus, using methods like providing product arrivals or any running offers on your brand through a FB post would eventually result in popularity of the products. The multiple features provided by Prestashop FB wall post module are a key advantage in increasing the product visibility and engaging new customers that results in conversions and making high revenues. It also helps in building audience for your eCommerce through social media.

For more Information About Prestashop FB Wall Post Module visit here:-

Module Link: https://www.knowband.com/fb-wall-post

User Manual Link: https://www.knowband.com/blog/user-manual/prestashop-fb-wall-post-module/

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